The Rule of 3 in Golf

I have often been told that everything comes in threes. And yesterday’s round definitely supports this theory. Fortunately for my game, the rule was on the positive side. During my 9 holes, I experienced everything from great swings to oh my goodness swings. However, I was lucky to still score well.

My round started off with a par, par, par. I was hitting the ball well and my approach shots were solid. I hit each green in regulation and putted as I expected. It was like I was in mid-season form and was on cruise control.

The next three holes went bogey, bogey, bogey. My woes started on the tee of the 13th hole. For some reason I decided I needed to help my driver by adding more lower body action. I am working on increasing my torque, but yesterday I felt like off-balance when hitting from the tee. As a result, I did the same thing on the 14th hole as well. Poor shots off the tee on all three holes resulted in being 3 over par after 15. I still cannot put my finger on why my swing suddenly changed from smooth and confident to erratic and choppy.

The last three holes went par, par, birdie. I was able to grain my composure and correct my swing. Everything felt smooth and comfortable. My drive on the 16th hole par 5 was solid and that seemed to change everything. My best shot was on the 18th hole from 115 yards. I smoothed a pitching wedge to a 2 foot tap in for birdie. It was one of my best shots of the year.

Apparently golf has the rule of 3.  I am not sure why it happened to me yesterday, but not to worry because my golf season has just started and I have 76 more rounds to play! As the rule of 3 ever showed up in your golf game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Rule of 3 in Golf

  1. It used to all the time. At least where scores under bogie were concerned. For a long time I had an issue with that. If I noticed I had three par or better holes in a row, I would fail on the next hole. I don’t know what caused it. I do know how I got past it though. I stopped putting my score on the card after each hole. I did it from memory at the turn for a couple of years and did my best to not think about how well, or badly I was playing at all.
    By not paying attention all the time to the score I just didn’t give myself added pressure I guess. Anyway, I can write them down now, but I still try and not pay more attention then is needed to get the number in the right box during the round.


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