When Life Throws You A Curve

We all have a journey. It is ours alone, yet it is also experienced by those within our 3 foot space. As many of you know, from my “About Me” page, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma (cancer) in 2009. Through the entire experience, my darling wife (best friend) and I stood shoulder to shoulder as be beat back this awful disease.

Well, lymphoma has decided it was time for a rematch. Just 5 short weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a relapse and will start treatments tomorrow. The past 5 weeks was challenging, but we are ready to once again vanquish this affliction; hopefully once and for all! Continue reading

Thinking About Golf

I remember about 2 years ago when I decided to start writing every day on my blog. It was a decision I made because I wanted to grow my knowledge about golf and have fun doing it. I also remember a reader (Rick Williams PGA) mentioning that writing every day was feeding the beast…..allot! Well, Rick was right, but I honestly say that I enjoyed pontificating daily. Continue reading

Does Spam Hurt Your Game?

When I started The Grateful Golfer in 2012, it was difficult to imagine I would be still writing today. As I continued to learn and evolve my writing, I found that the one thing that was fundamental to my success was the consistency of effort.

Within a few short days of starting my blog, I was inundated with spam! I would receive 10x more spam than actual views. It was a bit disheartening to be blasted with so much negative information. To date, my anti-spam app has blocked 157,499 attempts negative spam messages. The worst month was in 2014 with over 23,000 attempts. At first, I would check out the spam hits to see if any were legit, but I soon realized that they were not and I have stopped checking. I waiting for the day when my actual views eclipses the spam hits (and this should be around August of this year). Before you leave, there is a caboose at the end of this train of thought. Continue reading

How Often Do You Play Golf?

How often do you play golf? The answer most of you are saying in your mind is “not often enough”. I am not sure that is correct answer, but who am I to judge anyone about anyone’s game! Personally, I find that 4-5 days a week is plenty; I even alternate and on opposite weeks to play 3-4 times in a 7 day period. And that includes practice!

At the Toronto Golf Show, I committed to play 80 rounds this year. I am currently at 30 and I have not touch a club in 2 weeks (I missed Men’s Night on Wednesday because the group I was going to play in was full). I think I will make it!

I believe that it is possible to play golf too often. Not being a professional, I find that life must take priority sometimes and over the years (like this one) life activities forces a 2 or 3 week break once or twice during the golf season. I am definitely okay with the break because I am confident I will be able to play enough golf during the entire season. How about you? Continue reading