When Life Throws You A Curve

We all have a journey. It is ours alone, yet it is also experienced by those within our 3 foot space. As many of you know, from my “About Me” page, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma (cancer) in 2009. Through the entire experience, my darling wife (best friend) and I stood shoulder to shoulder as be beat back this awful disease.

Well, lymphoma has decided it was time for a rematch. Just 5 short weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a relapse and will start treatments tomorrow. The past 5 weeks was challenging, but we are ready to once again vanquish this affliction; hopefully once and for all!

I have found that maintaining routine was very difficult. My focus on daily activities was challenging, trying to maintain normalcy was difficult and my attendance on #GolfChat on Tuesdays was spotty. However, through it all, I remained grateful. Grateful for the support of my beautiful soul mate, my daughter, my friends and family. As my journey continues, it is the people and experiences I truly value and cherish.

Besides the plethora of tests, we are on the cusp of spring and the golf courses are still not open. So, the frustration of waiting for warmer weather so I can use golf as part of my mental and eventually physical routine was also challenging. Thankfully, in just a few short weeks that issue will be resolved.

I plan to golf between treatments. I am not sure what exactly that will entail, but remaining physically active is key to a quick recovery. In addition, kayaking, walking, meditating, stretching, eating healthy and puttering in my yard will be on my schedule of things to do. And of course, to continue with my positive affirmations for all the wonders in my life. Not surprisingly, my darling wife will be there beside me, every step of the way!

I started The Grateful Golfer 6 years ago as a tool to help me mentally fight the demons in my mind caused by my fight with cancer. It was a smart move then and as I continue my journey, I will use writing about golf as an outlet for my stress and worry. Writing about golf is only one part of my coping strategies, but one I know works.

A new chapter is starting and as my battle unfolds, you can be sure all efforts will be to move forward with the goal of full recovery as soon as possible. Regardless, through all the new experiences, I will remain grateful!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


22 thoughts on “When Life Throws You A Curve

  1. Jim,

    Sorry to hear this my friend. We all know you have what it takes to beat this again. You are blessed to have a wonderful wife to be by your side through it all, not to mention a group of golfers and bloggers behind you! All the best.


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  2. One of my best friends and a personal mentor died a few years ago from Leukemia. That may sound like a bad way to start, but I hope his story will inspire you. You see, he had the disease well before I met him over 25 years ago. He lived to see his 80th birthday and played golf with me right up until the last month of his life. So keep the faith and know that we are here for you.

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  3. Hey Jim

    As always in your corner. Over the years the positive energy you have shown in support of others is going to provide the light for you to meet and beat this challenge. Looking forward to the many rounds of golf we have yet to play.


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  4. Hey Jim B,

    What’s a game of golf without a little adversity to sharpen our focus? This experience will only focus your efforts in beating this challenge and enjoy life! Good luck, people are thinking of you.

    Jimmy K

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