Whose to Blame, It Can’t Be Me

Golf is an individual sport. Yes, we can play in team events, but ultimately, the onus is on the individual player to play well. Through the years, I experienced the gambit of stellar to poor play. It is the nature of the golf and as an amateur, it is the reality of my game. As I watch players go through sour patches, I am amazed that some have the tendency to look for something to blame!

Not related to the article, but spring is so very close! Bring on golf season!

I am not that type of golfer. If I play poorly, it is generally something I am or am not doing to cause my woes. Of course, we all experience a moment when our playing partner attracts our attention at the wrong moment, but those are few and far between.

I am not one to look for excuses for swing errors, but look for solutions. I cannot blame my equipment, but I must say that when I shanked two chip shots in a row last year, I gave my wedge the big stare down! Overall, blaming anything or anyone other than myself is quite counter-productive and I try to avoid this negative approach to my game.

I have, however, played golf with some who blame very thing; and I mean everything. About 15 years ago, I was playing a stroke tournament in Ottawa at the Hylands Golf Club. I cannot remember the exact details of the event, but I sure remember my opponent. He was about at 12 handicapper who thought he was playing to a 2.

As we teed off, his complaints started with the wind, to conditions of the fairway, to the pin location, and the extra noise he could hear while putting. As we moved to the second hole (no, I am not kidding). Throughout the next 17 holes, he blamed his equipment, shoes, sun, and how the grass was mowed. He never stopped. His constant barrage of negativity tested my patience to its limits.

As the round progress, I found myself avoiding the dark cloud of despair following us around the course. I would purposely slow down, speed up, take a different path, or just remain completely silent for the round. Interestingly, one of the other players started to do the same, but one player chatted with Mr. Blame for most of the round. It was really more than I could take.

Of the thousands of rounds of I golf I played over the years, this had to be one of my worse. I am confident that if it was not a tournament, I would have left the course as soon as I could. I really hate that feeling. Playing golf and blaming everything and everyone has no value for me and I choose not to play in those conditions anymore. How about you? Have you ever played a round with a person who blamed everything and everyone but themselves for a poor round?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Whose to Blame, It Can’t Be Me

  1. Jim, I don’t know what’s worse: playing with Mr Blame or the guy who constantly berates himself for his inability to execute. Let’s call him Mr. I Suck. You know the type. Mr. Blame is still probably the worst to get paired up with. I can’t recall getting stuck with a Mr. Blame but definitely with several Mr. I Sucks.



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