Talking to a Golf Salesman

Can you tell very quickly of a Golf Salesperson knows their stuff? You know, you start chatting with them and they agree with everything you say and start to push specific products because it will definitely “improve your game”! Over the past  few years, I have run into a couple of people who I would not trust and a couple I was okay with. But, I have not run into any I thought really knew their stuff. Has this happened to you?

I remember on incident when I was a golf shop and I was approached by the salesperson. The gentlemen was younger, but seemed eager to help. We started talking about specific shafts for a driver I was looking at and he looked me over and suggested that I use a regular shaft because it would help increase my control and distance.

The right salesperson makes a difference when buying golf stuff!

He did not ask me my swing speed, handicap, ball that I used, nothing. He saw my grey hair and assumed that I needed a regular shaft. To compound my frustration, he pointed to the most expensive new and improved driver and swore the new technology would immediately improve my game. He started talking smash factor and club composition and a few other useless topics that hand nothing to do with increasing my distance. After a couple of minutes of this drivel, I moved on. Needless to say, I did not buy that or any other driver.

I don’t know about you, but I like a straight shooting salesperson. I like to have a real conversation about the factors relating to what I am buying. I am comfortable with being told no or asked “are you sure” if the salesperson is basing their discussion on facts. This way, I feel confident that they are trying to sell me the right product, not just selling any product.

I rarely meet the right salesperson when shopping for golf stuff. I am not a snob, nor do I think I know more than any other customer, but I like the discussion to be genuine and focused on me getting the right product! How about you? What is your ideal salesperson?

3 thoughts on “Talking to a Golf Salesman

  1. Jim, for equipment, my ideal salesman is the professional club fitter. The guys staffing Dicks and Golf Galaxy probably know nothing more than you or I about equipment. They’re just doing their job and pushing inventory. Caveat emptor.



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