Callaway Rogue Driver

Well, I did it! I went out a bought a new driver. I had talked about it for years and could not bring myself to pay full price for a quality club. So, as a gift to myself for completing treatment, I decide it as time to get over myself and make the purchase. My friend Blair and I headed to Golftown, spent 2.5 hours hitting all the newest clubs, and finally decided on the Callaway Rogue. It was a fantastic experience and I could not be happier! Continue reading

Talking to a Golf Salesman

Can you tell very quickly of a Golf Salesperson knows their stuff? You know, you start chatting with them and they agree with everything you say and start to push specific products because it will definitely “improve your game”! Over the past  few years, I have run into a couple of people who I would not trust and a couple I was okay with. But, I have not run into any I thought really knew their stuff. Has this happened to you? Continue reading

Which Driver is Good For You?

Do you know the ins and outs of buying a driver. We have discussed this purchase in earlier posts with great success. After looking around, Worldwide Golf Shots produced an infographic that sums up all the information. As you know, I like to pass valuable tips to my readers and I felt this was a good product.

On a side note, I am not affiliated with Worldwide Golf Shots in any way.

I hope you enjoy their product. Continue reading