Which Driver is Good For You?

Do you know the ins and outs of buying a driver. We have discussed this purchase in earlier posts with great success. After looking around, Worldwide Golf Shots produced an infographic that sums up all the information. As you know, I like to pass valuable tips to my readers and I felt this was a good product.

On a side note, I am not affiliated with Worldwide Golf Shots in any way.

I hope you enjoy their product.

What drive is right for youPresented by Worldwide Golf Shops

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Which Driver is Good For You?

  1. Every year since I bought purchased my custom fitted driver the manufacturers have advertised their new drivers being 8 yards longer and that they will be more accurate. That means, I should see 96 more yards and always hit center fairway with a new driver purchase. lol If it were only true.

    With my little attempt at humor out of the way, a custom fitted driver made a more drastic and immediate change for me than any of my other custom fitted clubs did. It’s past time I do it again since my driver is 12 years old now. Since it’s been that long and since I’ve undergone significant changes to how I grip the club and to my swing path I don’t really know for sure what will end up best for me but I have a few ideas on the subject. First, an option that the diagram doesn’t show is an offset face. My Cobra has one and after 12 years of use, I suspect that I won’t be happy with a standard driver. And since there is only really one driver on the market that has that option, my bet is that I end up with a new Cobra offset head at 9.5 or 10.5 degrees of loft. The stiffness of the shaft will determine which one I’d guess. With a stiff flex, 9.5 might do well and an extra stiff would need the 10.5. Tough call on that without hitting a bunch of balls with each. The rest should be easier to guess. A mid-sized grip, the lightest shaft and head, square face, and probably high torque. And no weight adjustments as having them adds weight to the head and the offset face negates the need. Another option the graph doesn’t show is kick point. Currently mine shaft has a low kick point and I suspect I need a mid kick shaft now. It’s all a guess until I get out there and try out the options, but this is probably close to optimal for me knowing what changes I have gone through and how it’s effected ball flight.

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