There Is No Such Thing as a Favourite Golf Club!

I have asked the question several times over the past few years and the results are always the same. There is no favourite golf club, the ultimate go-to for every player. It changes all the time and the numbers never lie. I conducted a poll recently and it was almost a dead heat. The results are exactly what we expected….or were they?

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Just An Awesome Golf Shot

From time to time, everyone hits that one shot that makes us think, “Wow, that is awesome!” That statement is usually proceeded by: “Why can’t I do that all the time.” But, that is a question for another day. Lately, my new Callaway Rogue driver is the best club in my bag and has produced some fantastic shots down the middle of the fairway. But, that is only the beginning!

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Which Golf Club Can You Live Without?

I carry 14 golf clubs; each has a specific purpose and sometimes I do not play a specific club for a round or two. However, when I need it, it is there. Over the years, I have honed my club selection and really could not part with one of these tools. Having said that, I did pose the question of which club you could live without on #GOLFCHAT on Tuesday and I was surprised with the answers.

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Hitting Your Driver Off the Deck!

Hitting a driver off the fairway is a very difficult shot. Over the years, I tried it with little success. I find it very difficult to hit the ball cleanly anywhere than the bottom of the club face. But, I am told that it is an amazing shot if you can pull it off. I came across Colin Montgomerie’s legendary shot from 23 years ago at the Dubai Classic. It really was a fantastic to watch!

You can see from the video that it is a difficult shot and not everyone could have pulled it off. It is more difficult than it looks.

There is one thing I noticed that actually changes the dynamics of hitting a driver off the deck. Going back 23 years, the profile of the driver they hit was significantly lower that the ones we have today. In those days, I played a 10 degree Callaway Warbird whose profile is not much bigger than my three wood I regularly use. Thus, I can see how hitting a driver off the deck back then would be easier than now.

Apparently, hitting the driver off the deck is not as uncommon as I thought. The benefit of using this club is distance, but I am not sure that it is that great of an advantage comparing my driver and three wood distances. It is not something I have really practiced.

However, if you are curious about hitting your driver off the deck, here is how:

I am not sure I want to scuff up my new Callaway Rogue driver by hitting it off the grass. I am also not sure that the margin for error versus distance is worth using my driver in the fairway.

Update 05 March 2019 – I could not let this video pass of the late great Arnold Palmer. I thought it would add to the article.

What about you, do you hit your driver off the deck?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

My Best Shot of 2018

Do you remember your best golf shot of 2018? You know that one stroke that was perfect in every way; including the results! I am sure you are going over that poetry in motion shot that garnered a chance at birdie, eagle or even an hole in one. It happens that this experience is now your go to golf story until you hit a better stroke. Although 2018 was a tumultuous year for me, I still remember my best shot as if it was yesterday! Continue reading