My Best Shot of 2018

Do you remember your best golf shot of 2018? You know that one stroke that was perfect in every way; including the results! I am sure you are going over that poetry in motion shot that garnered a chance at birdie, eagle or even an hole in one. It happens that this experience is now your go to golf story until you hit a better stroke. Although 2018 was a tumultuous year for me, I still remember my best shot as if it was yesterday!

I am not the only one thinking of my best shot, it appears that many of you are as well:

I have two special shots I remember from last year. The first was with my wedge and the second was with my driver. Both bring a smile to my face and I hope to duplicate or better both in 2019.

One of my best shots of 2018

First, my wedge shot. It was my first time playing after my stem cell treatment and I was only playing chip shots around the green and putting. I was not physically strong enough to swing a club fully, but chipping and putting was a great place to start. This chip (probably my 3rd or 4th of the round) was 10 yards off the elevated green on the 9th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course. I used my 56 degree wedge to tuck my ball on the lip of the hole. And for those smarty pants, I made the putt!

The second shot etched in my memory is with my new Callaway Rogue driver. I rarely by new clubs, but I decided that this would be a gift to me after all the treatments last year. I have already described how I selected this new club in a previous blog.

The shot I remember was the first hit I made on the first tee after buying my new driver. It was straight as an arrow down the middle fairway. It was a good distance, but it never left the center of the short grass. The ball flight was perfect for my game and I was thrilled at watching my ball roll out to 260 yards!

I still can feel my elation of success from both these shots. It is that feeling I want to replicate next season because the feeling is causes such a strong memory.

We all hit great shots over the course of a golf season. However, there is always those one or two that stick in our minds the most. They offer a great feeling we always want to replicate and in 2019, I plan to be replicating machine!

What is your best shot of 2018?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “My Best Shot of 2018

  1. 2018 has been the best year of my golfing life for great shots. I don’t think there is a club in my bag that hasn’t given me a shot worth remembering. I’ve played more golf that most though too. A very conservative figure would be over 1400 holes worth. I’ve eagled from the fairway and from the rough around the greens and green side bunkers probably over two dozen times this year. Had a ton of sandies. Hit par 4’s off the tee with my driver. Gotten bad tee shots out of trouble and onto the green with low, controlled slices with my 3 and 4 irons. And had days when my putter couldn’t seem to miss. It’s been an amazing year even though around half of it I struggled with distance off the tee from getting too much loft. But if I have to chose just one, I know which “one” to pick. It’s actually 4. Before they closed my home course down earlier this year, I had 4 eagles on number 18. Actually more, but 4 that I played the same exact way. It’s a 500 yard par 5 that wraps around a lake. While it’s possible to go for the green on the second shot by hitting driver off the tee and a 3 wood over the water, all four of those eagles came from hitting a 3 iron off the tee, a 7 iron over a huge tree to cut the corner a little and my gap wedge into the hole from about 70 yards out. All four of those shots were played from with feet of each other on the right side of the fairway just a few feet short of a little dip in the fairway. And all four had the pin sitting in the toughest spot on the top tier in the back of the green which is the smallest area on that green. Those four eagles will be forever etched in my memory.

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    • Kevin,

      Wow, what a golf season! Yes, I would etch those four shots in my mind. Additionally, I would put the 70 yard shot in my data bank and remember it on other courses. Seems like a shot you should keep…..haha. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome New Year!

      Cheers Jim


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