My 2018 Golf Report Card

Well, it is the last day of 2018 and I have to say that my golf game did not unfold as expected. I had high hopes for a fantastic season, but as you know I had other battles to fight other than lowering my handicap index. That is okay and I am not complaining. I am grateful for the time I did have on the links and 2019 is just around the corner. However, I do have an internal assessment on my 2018 golf season.

The following are the goals I sent out in January 2018. They were reasonable and achievable in my opinion. Let’s see how I did:

  • Play 80+ rounds – I play about 25 full and partial rounds
  • Play in 10 tournaments – I played in one tournament and left early
  • Lower my handicap index to at least 2.5 – No change to index
  • Play at least 10 rounds with strangers – No rounds with strangers
  • Play at least 10 different golf courses – Only played one course
  • Shoot at least 1 hole-in-one – Lucky to get ball on green…..haha

If I was to look directly at the numbers, my 2018 golf season was abysmal. However, as we all know, if I was to look at the surface only, then I would not be fairly assessing my 2018 golf year.

Actually, I assess my 2018 golf season as a complete success. And here is why:

  • I did play a little and my friends were awesome accommodating my physical limitations, thus allowing me to maximize my time on the course. I am grateful for their willingness to be flexible as it really helped with my recovery.
  • My physical limitations throughout the year fostered a greater appreciate for physical requirements needed to play great golf as I get older. Hence, more consistent physical activity is required moving forward.
  • Greater appreciation for the beauty of the golf course. Mother Nature is awesome. She provides some spectacular views and many can be seen on a golf course. Yes, I understand that most courses are carved out of her raw beauty, but once the course is made, she takes over to enhance its beauty. Not being able to walk the course stole time I normally use to stay in the moment and appreciate life. I plan to return to walking the course and appreciating the beauty of the course.

I could go on further, but I think you get my meaning. Not being able to golf provided me with the opportunity to think and feel about the other aspects of golf. Golf is a game, but it is an important part of my current recovery and staying healthy in the future that I cannot help but be grateful every day.

My golf 2018 golf season did not unfold as expected. I had to adjust and modify my goals to my situation. At first this was disappointed, but as the season progressed, I changed my mental attitude and found the silver lining.

Now, I am excited and motivated for the 2019 season. I have not set my goals yet, but I can assure you that the lessons of 2018 will not be forgotten.

How was your 2018 golf season?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “My 2018 Golf Report Card

  1. Happy New Year, Jim
    I wish you good health in 2019 and a chance to get back on the links more regularly. In the meantime, thanks for your writing, your inspiration and your friendship! Here’s to a year of short grass and tap ins!
    Cheers, Mike

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  2. Jim, it was a tough year but given your early diagnosis, you finished incredibly strong. It was great that you could actually get out and play 18 holes with everything that you went through. You’ve got to be chomping at the bit. Enjoy the run up and anticipation for opening day!


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