Is It Possible To Change Your Golf Game

I wonder if it at all possible to change our golf game? As athletes, I believe we are wired in a particular manner to compete to best of our abilities. Sometimes we cannot see past our preconceived ideas in order to improve. We believe that we have chosen the proper path to success and it takes the earth to move for us to change our mind. I know this is a probability, but because I was that type of athlete from multiple sports.

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Never Say Never On The Golf Course

I know my limitations and expectations when playing golf. These important mindsets were honed over years of playing well and poorly. Because I feel I have a handle on what shots I can comfortably make, I sometimes disregard the right shot for an easier shot. For some reason my mind wanders into the “I can never make that shot” zone instead of looking at all the variables and choosing the shot that needs to be made. I really dislike it when my mind wanders and I become disappointed at my mental weakness. But what is a golfer to do?!

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My 2018 Golf Report Card

Well, it is the last day of 2018 and I have to say that my golf game did not unfold as expected. I had high hopes for a fantastic season, but as you know I had other battles to fight other than lowering my handicap index. That is okay and I am not complaining. I am grateful for the time I did have on the links and 2019 is just around the corner. However, I do have an internal assessment on my 2018 golf season. Continue reading