Just An Awesome Golf Shot

From time to time, everyone hits that one shot that makes us think, “Wow, that is awesome!” That statement is usually proceeded by: “Why can’t I do that all the time.” But, that is a question for another day. Lately, my new Callaway Rogue driver is the best club in my bag and has produced some fantastic shots down the middle of the fairway. But, that is only the beginning!

Depending on how my game is going, I can produce many great shots. And every so often, an awesome one. Additionally, my playing partners will chip in or stiff a long shot close that adds to our delight as we play. It seems, as we play, that these special shots are not limited to one club:

There was no clear winner, but the club we use the most was last for awesome shot production. I wonder why that is? Personally, it is probably the one that produces the least for me as well and I should not be surprised…..I guess.

Here are a couple of responses I heard from grateful golfers:

If you want to lower your score, practice your short game. There is a greater opportunity to make an awesome shot and attempt less of them. I have said this before, but it really is, for the most part, the only proven method to shoot low scores.

As you can see, most relate to our short game and why not. That is were we make our majority of our shots. Interestingly, there is a great golf lesson from our musings.

Image result for golf quote ball flight arnold palmer

My last awesome shot was with my 3 hybrid. I was 205 yards from the pin, had to play a baby fade around a tree, that flew over the bunker. My ball landed just on the green and rolled up to 3 feet on a par 4. I made my putt and walked off smiling. My hybrid was pure and the flight look awesome.

My next awesome shot is with my driver. It is a collection of shots actually, but the best was at Men’s Night a couple of weeks ago. We were playing rotating tees and happen to be on the golf tees on the 6th hole of Osprey Links. I measured 257 yards over a pond and bunker to a narrow green. I struck my shot pure and it never left the flag. My ball landed just on the fringe of an elevated green and rolled 17 above the hole. None of us made the eagle putt, but walked off with a tap in birdie. It was an awesome shot that made my day.

I would image all of us could recount many awesome shots for many rounds. I definitely had my share over the years, I only hope that I have many more moving forward.

What your last awesome shot?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Just An Awesome Golf Shot

  1. I love hitting an awesome shot once in awhile as much as the next guy, but what really gets me excited is hitting a string of good shots. The longer the string the better I like it and the more excited I get.

    That said last weeks round had three shots I have trouble deciding among as to which was best. I started my round cold with no warm up yet hit my first tee shot 280 hards right on my intended line. Then after an ok approach shot, I followed up with a 25 foot birdie putt that hit the flag and dropped right in. My 2nd tee shot was the worst of the day fading too far right and into the rough with the breeze that I hadn’t really noticed at ground level leaving me a view of the green but no clear shot at the flag. But I punched out with a 3 iron and faded it around the one tree trunk blocking my path and ended up 2 inches short of the green with a ten foot putt for birdie. While I missed that putt, that approach shot was all class. But as I said, what made my day was the 1 over back nine where I had no really great shots, but hit consistently good shots except for the one shot that caused the bogie. No three putts all day was also something to be especially happy with because the green had been sanded and aerated and I was using my mallot which I haven’t used on the course this year at all.

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  2. Jim, about a month ago, I had a 4-iron approach into the par-5 18th at Links At Gettysburg, and stuck it two feet. Missed the tap in eagle and now I practice my short putting every time out 🙂



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