Going Back to the Chipping Drawing Board

Well, my experiment with changing my chipping stance is over. During the winter, against my better judgement, I decided to try and follow Phil Mickelson’s weight distribution and ball position recommendations; alas, one of the greatest short game player’s technique does not work for me. So, it is back to my old style and try to build on past successes.

I have talked about how Mickelson’s advice of placing most of my weight on my lead foot while chipping did not seem to work. However, never one to just say know to new ideas, I decided to try it in addition to the only two recommendations of ball position: front foot and back foot. Here is what I found:

  • I chilly dipped more 1 out of 6 shots. My swing plane does not support that drastic of body position
  • I hit behind the ball 1 of 6 shots. Hitting fat shots and coming up short
  • I had very poor distance control on correctly contacted shots
  • I had zero confidence on chip shots
  • I feel that Mickelson’s style is not helping me lower my golf scores

I can honestly say that I gave Mickelson’s chipping advice a solid try. I practice for two months in the winter, practiced since the start of our golf season, and used it during real games. Unfortunately, this method is not for me. I am not disappointed because this is how I work on my golf game. I try different things and some work and some do not. In this case, nope.

So, it is back to my old style that was quite successful. I will try to find new ways to refine this technique, but keeping my old style as the foundation for success moving forward. If you are wondering, Mickelson’s method was costing me about 2 or 3 strokes a round. That is a drastic amount considering it takes my score from low to mid 70s to mid to high 70s on my home course of Osprey Lings Golf Course. That is unacceptable to me.

If you forgot, here is the infographic to for my visual cues for chipping and a link to my original article.

In the meantime, I expect my chipping to improve. It is these small victories (or realizations) that make me love golf. When on path on my journey leads to a dead end, there is always another path to take!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Going Back to the Chipping Drawing Board

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  2. Jim, good not to beat yourself up over this one. Sometimes we become enamored with the greats in the game and feel compelled to leverage their success and near perfection. I think the best we can do is focus these attempts in areas where we are weak not strong. You are normally an excellent chipper, no? Interested to know what compelled you to change?

    Gotta watch that idle time in the winter too. The temptation to tinker can be tempting. Good luck in your correction mode!


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    • Brian

      Actually, I was a better than average chipper. I decided to try what Phil was saying to see if I was missing somethkng helpful. As it turned out, I was not for my game. It was an indoor winter experiment that did not work. I am getting back on track now. So, putting is the weak link in my last few rounds. Everything is all good, upward and on.

      Cheers Jim

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  3. Shifting my weight forward has been working for me though relearning distance control is taking a while. My current tendency is to come up shorter than expected but not because of hitting it fat. I’m getting more backspin on the ball. That should make it easier to be more aggressive, but as with every change, having faith in that is something that comes with time. There are times when I don’t do it like when on an upslope or when I’m looking for more of a flop than a chip, but it’s starting to feel natural.

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