Working On My Tempo To Lower My Golf Scores

Golf swing tempo is very personal and one-size does not fit all. Each player has their own tempo and it is unique to their abilities (both physically and mentally). For my game, I know when my tempo is not ‘up to speed’ (yes, I went there) because I feel off balanced or rushed. Therefore, I need to keep my tempo in check or at least be cognizant of my tempo to lower my golf scores; it is a matter of awareness and staying within my swing abilities.

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Changing the Loft When Chipping

The loft on a golf club are designed for specific reasons. Some are lower lofts to hit the ball far and others are higher to help control your shot at the pin. This is a known fact and yet many players grab a lofted club (like a wedge) and change their stance and grip to de-loft the face. I have to admit that early in my career, I felt it was the right thing to do, but now it just seems crazy!

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Going Back to the Chipping Drawing Board

Well, my experiment with changing my chipping stance is over. During the winter, against my better judgement, I decided to try and follow Phil Mickelson’s weight distribution and ball position recommendations; alas, one of the greatest short game player’s technique does not work for me. So, it is back to my old style and try to build on past successes.

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Infographic – Visual Chipping Cues

This is a follow-up post from earlier today. It is an infographic on Visual Chipping Cues. The infographic provided is an overview of how I use visual chipping cues to lower my golf score. If you want more information, please read the previous article titled – Visual Cues for Better Chipping. Continue reading