Just An Awesome Golf Shot

From time to time, everyone hits that one shot that makes us think, “Wow, that is awesome!” That statement is usually proceeded by: “Why can’t I do that all the time.” But, that is a question for another day. Lately, my new Callaway Rogue driver is the best club in my bag and has produced some fantastic shots down the middle of the fairway. But, that is only the beginning!

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My Best Golf Shot of The Day

Even a blind squirrel will find a nut from time to time. That is how I felt yesterday when playing golf. I played very consistently, but nothing fantastic or special. I hit 65% of the fairways and 45% GIR, but I was able to score okay and walked off the course with a 76. This is still a few strokes higher than needed to lower my handicap index, but I am getting there. I did, however, want to share my last shot into the 18th green, it was by far the best shot of the day!

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Wedge Play is the Key to Low Golf Scores

How many times have you heard the question – should I replace my 5 wood with an extra wedge.  In 1980, Tom Kite was the first pro to put a 60 degree wedge in his bag.  He and Dave Pelz, a former NASA physicist, worked on creating the lob wedge to fill a gap determined by Pelz’s research.  It is a famous story and if you want more details the story check out the February 2013 edition of Golf Illustrated. That unlikely team changed the face of golf.

In 2012, I replaced my most beloved Callaway Warbird 5-wood for a 60 degree Titleist Vokey wedge. It originally started as an experiment, but has turned into a sure thing for my golf game. This decision fit my game well as it continues to evolve; yet sometimes I think that there might be a different solution!
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Par 3 – Are They Suppose To Be Easy?

Most courses have at least four par 3 holes. Some will have five or six, but in general four is the normal number. Playing from the blues (furthest back tee box) most par 3s will play between 160 – 185 yards; challenging but not demoralizing. Personally, I consider par 3s scoring holes. I expect to birdie at least one per round and par the other three. This may sound a be ambitious, but given the general length of most par 3s, not unrealistic. Additionally, most par 3s are spread evenly throughout the course, which is an advantage because they help with the flow of each round.

hole 1

Hole 1 halfway up the fairway.



Hole 3 from Tee Box.

Hole 3 from Tee Box.

Well, my confidence of conquering these short holes has taken a bit of hit as of late. My home course of Roundel Glen has a different course set up that challenges even the most experienced amateur. All but one of the par 3s are long, difficult to approach, and well guarded. Adding to the difficulty, when I play in the morning there is very little roll and the ball does not travel as far because it is cold. In addition to their length, the par 3s are placed in more challenging positions which disrupts the normal flow of a golf course. From the blues this is what it looks like:

  • Hole 1 – Par 3 – 210 yards – 3 hybrid;
  • Hole 3 – Par 3 – 205 yards – 3 hybrid;
  • Hole 10 – Par 3 – 200 yards – 3 or 4 hybrid; and
  • Hole 17 – Par 3 – 173 yards – 6 iron or 5 hybrid.

Roundel Glen’s course layout is actually very good. I like the course, but I need some help. I have racked my brain on ways to play these holes. In the middle of the day, I can easily reach the green with the clubs shown, but in the morning it is very difficult. My woods, even choked down, do not work – I have tried.

At this time, I play these holes by trying to hit as close to the green as possible (and sometimes on) and relying on my short game to eek out a par. Not sure there is any other way to play these holes. If you have any suggestions I am all ears!

I am a grateful golfer! Always willing to accept advice!