There Is No Such Thing as a Favourite Golf Club!

I have asked the question several times over the past few years and the results are always the same. There is no favourite golf club, the ultimate go-to for every player. It changes all the time and the numbers never lie. I conducted a poll recently and it was almost a dead heat. The results are exactly what we expected….or were they?

Before getting into the details, here is the result of my poll:

The obvious trend from this and other polls is that the shorter the club the more dependable it becomes. This makes complete sense for most players because they swing under more control. Additionally, they are not trying to rip the cover off the ball so their body acts more like a fluid machine vice a Tasmanian Devil. (Bugs Bunny ref for the younger readers)

I found it interesting that some of my readers were enamored with their longer clubs (Mike from @36aday) like their 3 hybrid. This club is very dependable and they use it as a rescue club as well. This is not surprising because if you can hit our long clubs well, they add an awesome dimension to your game.

Personally, my most dependable club at this time (and it does vary) is my driver. I generally it is down the middle with good distance for my game. I find that the harder I swing, the more I have to concentrate on keeping my head still. This video explains why:

Taking a lesson this the best advice of this video my Mark from AskGolfGuru!

The shorter the club (using the poll are more dependable) the less body movements there are. We control our movements better and as such produce more consistent strokes on our intended line with good distance. It makes sense, but should not be that way. All our clubs should be dependable, we just have to figure out why they are not. This takes time and perhaps a lesson.

Golf is a funny sport and if your game is like mine, the most dependable club does vary from time to time. Regardless of your answer, understanding all parts of your game will help lower your golf score by using the right dependable club at the right time.

Does your ‘dependable’ club change from time to time?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing as a Favourite Golf Club!

  1. At one time, rather than have a favorite, I had one that I specifically hated. But I don’t have that problem any more. And while I can’t say that I have any specific favorite clubs per se today, I do have favorites maybe for certain types of shots, but that would be as close to it as I would go. It’s more that I have favorite shot types. A partial wedge shot like 70 yards with my gap or 100 with my pw are favorites of mine. It’s a shot that has brought me far more hole outs than I have a right to expect so it’s not surprising that I enjoy that one. I also love hitting a low 3 iron off the tee too. Hitting a tall 3 iron is ok, but when the conditions call for it, hitting that low one brings me joy.

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