There Is No Such Thing as a Favourite Golf Club!

I have asked the question several times over the past few years and the results are always the same. There is no favourite golf club, the ultimate go-to for every player. It changes all the time and the numbers never lie. I conducted a poll recently and it was almost a dead heat. The results are exactly what we expected….or were they?

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My First 18 Holes of Golf in 2019

It finally happen last Saturday! I was able to play 18 holes of golf because our course was finally dry enough to open the front 9. The front was a bit beat up and there were 2 temporary greens, but I am grateful to the staff at Osprey Links for all their dedicated work to bring the course to a point were we can loop 18 holes. Well, I must say it was fun and challenging at the same time!

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Making a Golf Shot: Knowledge vs Comprehension

Over the years, I have struggled with the difference between knowing and comprehending something. The distinction might seem minor, however to truly grasp the subtle points of these terms, one must examine how they play golf and why. This topic has many dead ends and quagmires that force players to focus on minute details of how they play golf. My goodness, this sounds allot like my Psych 101 class I took in college, but bare with me, ultimately this discussion will help lower your golf scores. Continue reading