Hitting Your Driver Off the Deck!

Hitting a driver off the fairway is a very difficult shot. Over the years, I tried it with little success. I find it very difficult to hit the ball cleanly anywhere than the bottom of the club face. But, I am told that it is an amazing shot if you can pull it off. I came across Colin Montgomerie’s legendary shot from 23 years ago at the Dubai Classic. It really was a fantastic to watch!

You can see from the video that it is a difficult shot and not everyone could have pulled it off. It is more difficult than it looks.

There is one thing I noticed that actually changes the dynamics of hitting a driver off the deck. Going back 23 years, the profile of the driver they hit was significantly lower that the ones we have today. In those days, I played a 10 degree Callaway Warbird whose profile is not much bigger than my three wood I regularly use. Thus, I can see how hitting a driver off the deck back then would be easier than now.

Apparently, hitting the driver off the deck is not as uncommon as I thought. The benefit of using this club is distance, but I am not sure that it is that great of an advantage comparing my driver and three wood distances. It is not something I have really practiced.

However, if you are curious about hitting your driver off the deck, here is how:

I am not sure I want to scuff up my new Callaway Rogue driver by hitting it off the grass. I am also not sure that the margin for error versus distance is worth using my driver in the fairway.

Update 05 March 2019 – I could not let this video pass of the late great Arnold Palmer. I thought it would add to the article.

What about you, do you hit your driver off the deck?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Hitting Your Driver Off the Deck!

  1. Jim,

    The consensus here seems to be the how difficult it would be to make contact with the sweet spot, and I agree. I have only tried this a few times (for fun), never would I try it during a round as I doubt the outcome would be positive. Thanks for sharing.


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  2. Hey Jim,

    I never hit my driver from the deck, but boy oh boy I’ve been tempted.

    I have watched Brad do this quite often and he does seem to work it pretty well.

    I do shake my head every time he pulls the big club out to hit his second shot. (Obviously it usually happens after a disappointing drive.). I’d say it’s a pretty good recovery shot for him. I wish I had the confidence to try it myself.

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  3. I have a friend I golf with on occasion. We do it at his insistence every time we play. And I’m not bad at it after trying it so many times, but, no, I don’t do it while playing for score. Not anymore. I used to though. Back before I met this guy I just talked about and long before I thought about handicaps or strictly following the rules my neighbor had an old steel shafted driver. I could hit that one off the deck all day long and often used his club rather than my three wood when I knew I needed a little extra distance. When he started talking about getting a new driver I was all set to ask him for it but before I did, he got mad one day and broke it in half and tossed it into a lake.

    It’s probably smart thinking not doing it with your brand new driver. My Cobra had three little plastic pieces on the bottom and one is now missing I assume from hitting off the deck. I don’t think there was any weight in it because I never noticed a difference hitting it. And it is an old driver so I don’t mind it so much, but if it were new, it would likely bother me.


    • Kevin

      Hitting the ball off the deck is an interesting concept. If it gains such distance, I wonder why more pros are not doing it. To me the higher profile on the face would make it harder to control, but I am guessing here. After thinking about it more, I doubt this shot will make it into my game.

      Cheers Jim


      • The guy who always has us doing it uses an old driver I gave him with a 350 cc head. And the old driver of my friends that I use to do it also had smaller head. It’s a bit easier with them. With my 460cc head it’s much tougher and I have to think like I’m hitting a 3 wood and swing down into it. It gives me a trajectory more akin to Tigers stinger than a 3 wood, but I do get it off the ground. But it is hard on the club I think. And even though I can, I never do it unless I’m playing with that crazy friend. He’s from Canada and played hockey back in his younger days. I always assumed that had something to do with it. Lol Might have taken one too many shots to the head. We also usually switch hit on a par 3 when we get together. One of the guys in that grouo plays lefty. I thought I’d have an advantage on them there because I’m a lefty but play golf right handed. But my Canadian buddy seems best at it and I count myself one of the worst. The lefty does a better job hitting right handed than I do hitting lefty. But it’s fun to try.

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      • Kevin

        Sounds like you have a great group to play golf with! As far as the Canadian goes, he likely can shoot a puck either way: personally, I play hockey left and golf right. I like the switch hitting par 3 idea. Might have to try that some day.

        Cheers Jim


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