Endless Possibilities on the Golf Course

You know, one of the aspects of golf I like the most are the possibilities. Every shot offers hope abound with a chance of disaster. Now how exciting is that? I have watched players bunt their ball up the fair way in 5 strokes, just to chip in for a 6. The elation on their face is amazing. I have watch a perfect approach shot that would have stop inches from the pin, hit the top of a ball on the green, only to richocet into the hazard; a double show up on the scorecard. Golf has endless possibilities!

As I prepare for golf season, I muse about the good fortune I expect to have on the course this year. It happens every year about this time and this year is no different.

Hoping to play golf with my brother very soon!

I think of the players I will hit rhe links with and the fun they provide looping the course. Hopefully I cam play with my brother very soon. He said he would give me strokes.

I feel the joys of playing early birdies and communing with nature. Watching the sunrise is something I always marvel at no matter the day.

Then there are the times I break par. Each time I tee it up, I feel the possibility of shooting my lowest score ever! I always have hope.

Golf offers endless possibilities, it is up to us to determine what they are. Entering each round with an open mind only helps see multiply those possibilities.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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