Endless Possibilities on the Golf Course

You know, one of the aspects of golf I like the most are the possibilities. Every shot offers hope abound with a chance of disaster. Now how exciting is that? I have watched players bunt their ball up the fair way in 5 strokes, just to chip in for a 6. The elation on their face is amazing. I have watch a perfect approach shot that would have stop inches from the pin, hit the top of a ball on the green, only to richocet into the hazard; a double show up on the scorecard. Golf has endless possibilities!

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T’Was The Night Before Christmas

As the anticipation grows for Christmas Day, it is easy to become wrapped up in the craziness of the holiday season. It is a time for fun, laughter, and good times for many. Luckily, I am one because I have a blessed life and find Christmas time enjoyable and refreshing.

For me, this is a time for reflection and gratitude for the blessings in my life. Each year, I am astounded by the sense of happiness when I spend time with family and friends. Of course, this is not the same feeling for everyone and for those who are finding this time of year very difficult, I will be sending you positive thoughts in the hopes that it may bring some relief to your troubled times. Continue reading

Hope for the Next Shot in Golf

Hope is defined as “to cherish a desire with anticipation”.  Everyday we express our desire for a specific outcome and hope that it occurs. It is a natural emotion and is a powerful motivator for most golfers!

Every shot has many components and hope is a very large component of some player’s success. I would be lying if I did not use hope as a tool on the course, however I would say less now than 20 years ago. Want to know why? Continue reading

Hope on the Golf Course!

glimmer is hope

For all those golfing fanatics who occasionally struggle on the course, do not forget that your next shot is an opportunity to be amazing!

Golf is an endless ride on an emotional roller coaster. The trick is to enjoy the highlights and ignore the other part.

Next time you are out on the course, remember to breath, smile and enjoy your time the experience.

But most of all, remember to be grateful!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The 2015 Golfing Season is Here!

The New Year’s celebrations have started all around the world! People are taking to the streets to embrace the sense of hope January first brings. Hope for changes in all aspects of their lives and for some of us in our golf game.

The 2015 golf season is upon us. As I prepare my plan for success, my sense of hope to reach my elusive goal of being a scratch golfer is in my sights and grasp one more time. I plan to build on my positive improvements in 2014 and let them fuel my desire to play even better in 2015.

The Grateful Golfer blog will be making changes as well! I plan a slow evolution towards….well I am not exactly sure yet. This is where hope definitely plays a huge role. Like all aspects of our game, changes are inevitable. Because if we always do what we always have done, then we will always get what we already have.

2015 is going to an awesome year!  It will be a year full of hope and endless possibilities.  I believe that our daily path is created by our intentions and actions.  We all have the ability to create the future we want.  My 2015 golf season will be exciting, focused and full of hope!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! As the clock strikes 12, your 2015 golf season will officially begin. What are you going to do different to make it your best golf season ever?

See you on the links.  I am a grateful golfer!