Endless Possibilities on the Golf Course

You know, one of the aspects of golf I like the most are the possibilities. Every shot offers hope abound with a chance of disaster. Now how exciting is that? I have watched players bunt their ball up the fair way in 5 strokes, just to chip in for a 6. The elation on their face is amazing. I have watch a perfect approach shot that would have stop inches from the pin, hit the top of a ball on the green, only to richocet into the hazard; a double show up on the scorecard. Golf has endless possibilities!

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The Endless Possibilities of a Golfing Imagination

teeing off!

Early Morning Fog!

When I look at this picture, the endless possibilities of a golfing imagination brings a torrent of thoughts into my mind! Walking to the green one foggy morning, I notice these two golfers preparing to do battle against the elements. The bright sun, dew riddled ground, and the meandering fog captured my imagination. Here is what came to mind:

  • Friendship – as two old friends play golf for the 1000th time together
  • Joyfulness – of being able to play golf in such beautiful conditions
  • Gratefulness – of having a true friend to share in the experience

When I look at pictures such as these, I cannot help but imagine the endless possibilities. In this case, golf provided the opportunity for me to expand my horizons and be grateful for just being.

What do you see?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!