Product Review: No Sweat Hat Liners

No Sweat Hat Liners

No Sweat Hat Liners are designed to comfortably fit in many hats and helmets. “The Dri-LID technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat by permanently locking and sealing all sweat inside its core, allowing the surface to the product to be completely dry, even when it is fully saturated.”

According to their website, this product is used extensively by the PGA Tour, NFL and NHL; I can easily see the utility of  this product in sports where a competitor sweats excessively. After using the product, it delivers as advertised. 

My friend and I used the No Sweat Hat Liner last Monday. It was 24º Celsius, sunny, and very little breeze. We finished our round in 3.5 hours. I carried my full set and my friend pushed his clubs.

This was a perfect day to try the product as it was representative of most of our summer days. When reading over the information on the product, I had some concerns about its utility and value because I have never had a need to use a product like No Sweat. I wondered if it was as easy to install as claimed and comfortable to wear throughout a round of golf.

After wearing it for an entire round, here is what I discovered:

The package I received contained 3 liners. Each liner was approximately 12 inches long and and 4 inches wide. They were  soft on one side and sticky on the other. After peeling the back off, I placed the liner in my hat; installation was extremely easy and molded perfectly. I would rate full points for the ease of use and design. My friend Blair was in total agreement.

After installing the liner, I was concerned  the extra bulk would make my hat uncomfortable. After about 5 minutes, I hardly noticed the liner. After 3.5 hours, the liner was just as comfortable as when I installed it. So comfort is a definite plus. Blair and I discussed the liner about every 3 holes and he agreed with my assessment.

The liner was durable and still looked new after our round. However, with every product, the consumer must find value. Given my Grateful Golfer hats cost approximately $45 Cdn, the liners make sense to protect from sweat stains as much as possible. Conversely, my normal golf hats cost half that amount, so I do not see the same value of using a liner to protect my low-cost apparel.

I could not assess the product claim that it keeps the sweat out of my eyes because this not an issue for me. However, if this a challenge for you, then I would recommend that you try the No Sweat hat liner. At $4.95 for 3 liners, it would be a low-cost experiment that could help your golf game.

There are several sites that offer the No Sweat Hat Liner. The two I would suggest are the original No Sweat website and Amazon.

If you have used the No Sweat Hat Liner, drop me a line and tell me what you think.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: No Sweat Hat Liners

  1. Might be worth giving a try down here where the humidity is almost as high as the 90 degree temps. Sweat in the eyes or worse, on the glasses is just part of golf this time of year. So if these help, it’s worth the 5 bucks if you want to wear a nice hat.


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