Update on My New Mizuno MP 20 Irons

As you are aware, I bought a new set of Mizuno MP 20 irons (5 to PW) and two Mizuno hybrids (3 and 4). To date, I have 6, 9-hole rounds under my belt and I have to say I am very satisfied with my purchases. I realize my response is to be expected because they are new, but it is more than that. I have a feeling that these new sticks will improve my game and lower my overall golf scores. Let me explain!

Just a short recap, I purchased the Mizuno MP 20 HMB irons – 5 to PW, KBS Tour 90 stiff shaft, and Golf Pride CP2 Wrap midsize grips; and 3 and 4 hybrids with Fujikura Speeder EVO HB 75 shitf shafts and Golf Pride CP2 Wrap midsize grips.

I purchased these clubs because I wanted a higher apex on my ball flight and steeper angle of attack into the green. Well, I achieved both of those. I find that my ball releases less when it hits the green because of these two factors. This allows me to be more aggressive on my approach shots and offers a chance to go pin hunting more often.

Additionally, I was surprised that I have not lost any distance compared to the clubs I replaced. I had feared that I would lose a few yards, but that is not the case. So, this is a bonus feature of my new Mizuno irons.

Lastly, I love the feel of the clubs when I make solid contact. It feels better and instills more confidence in my mind. Whether or not this is actually try does not matter because perception is reality. And I perceive that I hitting the ball better…..so, that is my new reality, hence more confidence.

Bottom line, I am not disappointed in my purchase. My new Mizuno irons and hybrids are working better than I thought and this is a boon for sure. Purchasing new clubs can be stressful, but because I was fitted and took the time to make my purchase, the entire process was enjoyable. I am confident my new clubs will fit my game for many years to come.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “Update on My New Mizuno MP 20 Irons

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  2. Jim, I am glad you are happy with your new clubs. I purchased new Callaway Apex irons 6-AW last summer and a very happy with my purchase as well. My first set of forged irons and the feel is very nice when I hit them solid. That said, when I miss hit, I know it as well. Enjoy!

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