How To Keep Motivated When We Cannot Play Golf

I can honestly say that it is a challenge to find something to write about when we are in lock down for another two weeks. We were lucky enough to play two rounds in early April, but since all I have to dwell on are my memories of playing golf. I realize that I am in the same boat as many Ontarians, yet it is starting go get a bit monotonous waiting for the courses to open. The real draw back is that I think I am running out of material to write about!

I do like sharing my stories about my golf exploits, however I like to make them relevant to the topic of the article. I like to read other blogs, articles, news, and non-related golf topics to find inspiration. However, with the weather nice enough to play, living vicariously through other means is not really what I had in mind for my 2021 golf season.

It is crazy that we still have two more weeks before the course MIGHT be open. Unless the COVID spikes drop, this date might be soft at best. I do understand the big picture and safety is of paramount concern; so, I will patiently wait for things to settle down.

My calm approach is starting to hurt my golf game. My passion for golf is not waning, but is a struggle to light the spark of inspiration. So, today’s topic is a bit of whine and rant; for that I am sorry. Have no fear, I will not stop writing and I hope that I do not repeat myself too much.

After working in my yard (which is now my new favourite past time) I find it difficult to pick up my golf clubs because I am generally beat. The temperatures are not quite hot yet, but we are getting there. When it does, I can see me chipping a bit more at least. Then I should have more material for sharing….but we shall see.

There is no reason for the picture except Windsor was so cute as a puppy! He does have a sympathetic look on his face and I am taking that as a positive thing. My daughter’s puppy is now 1.5 years old and about 70 pounds. He still considers himself a lap dog, but I am not so sure anymore. Well, this was not golf related, yet fun to write about.

Enough stalling. My ramblings for today have come to an end. I am still struggling for golf topics and I hope I have not wasted your time. If you have any that you think would help your game, drop me a line in the comments section and I will see what I can do about putting my thoughts on paper to answer your questions.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Update since I wrote this article from a few hours ago: “Tory MPPs were told earlier this week that golf courses will remain closed until at least June 2 as part of the lockdown measures designed to curb the spread of COVID-19.” (Source) We will have to wait and see what actually unfolds.


6 thoughts on “How To Keep Motivated When We Cannot Play Golf

  1. Jim, I feel for you my friend. It’s unfortunate that COVID persists and that golf courses have been lumped in with all other venues and activities as possible points of spread. I continue to believe that decision was made out of an over-abundance of caution, probably by those that don’t play the game. We know golf is a safe activity and I hope you can stay busy until June 2nd or whenever you open up. When we were in a similar form of lockdown in April and May of 2020, we were permitted out to exercise – are you? I used that opportunity to take my bag shag to a local elementary school field and bang full pitching wedges. Is that a possibility for you to get some full swings in?

    Best of luck!


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    • Brian,

      We are allowed to exercise away from our home, but going to a school yard is not a possibility for me. I am working on expanding my hitting area, but it will take some time for sure. Working in my yard is very good exercise because we are doing a great deal of landscaping. So, I will have to continue doing things to keep sane and remain grateful. I hope you are playing and playing well.

      Cheers Jim

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      • Jim, I have been playing although not as frequently as I would like or should be. The game is a mixed bag. My change to the claw grip in putting has been very beneficial but my ball striking has been substandard. I see too many of my big misses on the back nine and seem to run out of gas. My motivation to play is lacking because the main guy I’ve played with for the last 30 years is ill and hasn’t been able to play since September. Maybe I’ll go get a lesson. That usually straightens things out and improves my attitude. I am grateful for the ability to play though. Not taking anything for granted.



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  2. Today was a mix for me. Tee to green I played well. Better really than I expected in the breeze we had today. I hit the hydrid the 4 iron off the tee a lot and found fairways and greens but once there my game was over. Based on the few times I did miss a green I’d venture to say I’d have done better playing to miss than I did landing on them. They were really fast today. Fast enough that the wind could move the ball off it’s line quite a bit. And fast enough that where the pins were placed it was more luck and skill to get the ball to stop anywhere close. Most 2nd putts today came from 6 feet and that’s not just from me. I was truly clueless and had multiple 3 putts and even a 4 putt today. I couldn’t die one in the hole, and I couldn’t take the break out and jam one in. But I was golfing so I have to let it go and remember what a great day it was to be out on the course knowing others still aren’t so lucky. Here’s hoping June comes fast for you if it comes to that.

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