Cleaning Your Golf Clubs Between Swings

After replacing your divot, (hint hint), your next step before putting your club back in your bag should be to clean your club. I have watched many players hit their shot and immediately put their clubs away dirty. I often think that their grooves are full of dirt and how could they get any grip on the ball with dirty grooves. Am I crazy for thinking this way? Well, I have concrete proof that cleaning your clubs after each hit is important!

I found a video that explains exactly why cleaning your club after each shot is important. Take a look:

Personally, I carry a club cleaner in my pocket that works best for me. It is inexpensive and if I lose it for some reason, I have spares in my car (better know as my golf locker). I sometimes forget to wet my towel, but I usually find a puddle, pond or wet spot as a water source. Overall, there are plenty of opportunities to find water to ensure that my clubs are clean and in the best playability shape.

I use the brass bristle part on my irons, the nylon bristles on my woods and hybrids, and the pick for deep groove cleaning. I found this tool easy to use, carry, and it helps remind me to give my clubs a wipe before putting it back in the bag after hitting an awesome shot. 😉

If you have every watched a professional golf tournament live or on TV, you will see the caddy cleaning the club after every shot. I figure that if the professionals think it is that important to have clean equipment, then I should as well. The habit of maintaining my equipment after every shot is something I started back in 1980. I have not wavered on my shot by shot cleaning. However, I realize, after watching the video, that I need to give my clubs a deep clean over the next couple of days. Actually, there is no time like the present.

As a serious or a ‘just for fun’ golfer, I recommend that you carry something with you to clean your clubs. There are a great many options from ‘in your pocket’ to ‘attach to your bag’ cleaners that are inexpensive and versatile. I know it is early, but this tool also makes a great stocking stuffer. Regardless, if you are not carrying a club cleaning tool of some sort, I recommend you do……and use it!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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