It Is Still Too Cold For My DIY Driving Net

A couple of years ago I built a DIY indoor driving net in my garage. It is perfect for combating the winter blues of no golf. Right about now, I have set up my driving range and slowing started swing the kinks and aches out of my body. Unfortunately, this years weather has not complied to my requirements and it is still too cold to set anything up.

You may wonder why it is too cold and that is a good question. Here is what we have been experiencing over the past few weeks.

This is bitterly cold even by Canadian standards. Plus, I cannot heat my garage enough with the wood stove to make it comfortable to swing my clubs. So, I have to try and keep my above zero and hope that warmer weather comes our way. As it is, another two weeks will likely be the target date to start swinging my clubs.

In the meantime, I have started my after holiday working out that includes cardio, weights and stretching. It is a slow process, but I have committed to working out when I first get out of bed. I have found that if I wait till later in the day, the changes of me working out drop exponentially as the day progresses.

I am looking forward swinging away this year in my garage. At this time, I am on day 115 without play golf with an expectation of another 75 days to go before the golf courses open. So, you can see why my DIY driving net is so important to my mental state of playing golf. For now, I will continue to stay warm and keep safe!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “It Is Still Too Cold For My DIY Driving Net

  1. Dang Jim! That is some cold temps. Do you have to plug your car into an electric heater so the engine block doesn’t freeze? I’ve never been in temperatures that cold but remember once when I was staying at a ski resort in West Virginia at the top of a mountain that they had these heaters folks were plugging their cars into. I’m sure there are precautions you need to take that are quite extraordinary.

    Stay warm!


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    • Brian,

      I do not plug my car in unless we are not planning to drive it for a couple days in that cold temperature. It is not unusual for my wife and I to walk or snowshoe in minus 20 weather. We just dress in layers and keep moving. It is something we live with and actually enjoy the cooler temperatures. We do have safety stores in the car when we travel and watch the weather just to be safe.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. It’s what Floridians call cold here but it’s nothing compared to what your thermometer shows. Wow. I’m wearing three layers and it’s only in the 50’s here. 12 maybe 13C. 😂

    Had a bit of a strange day today. The draw came almost too easy today. And it really flew. I went 20 yards long 5 or 6 times. And I wasn’t trying. I was hitting 80 percenters. But I seemed to be really compressing the ball.

    That didn’t help my game of course and neither did the fact that some drew a bit more than I was envisioning. But to see me hit a pitching wedge from 10 o’clock and have it fly 145 and turn a good 30 feet right to left had me almost speechless. That’s the kind of shot that can get you out of jail and I’ve really missed not being able to do it. I’ll still have plenty work ahead controlling it but I really am happy to see it return even if it cost me a little today in the skins match.

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