The Winter Wonderland

Yesterday was the winter solstice. Starting today, the days are getting longer (by 2 minutes in the morning and evening). This means that my count down to the start of golf season has started. Only 115 days if you are counting. 😉 Before I get too excited, it is important to understand that weather is very important to Canadians. Because we live in the cold, snowy weather for 3 to 6 months of the year, the count down to opening day keeps my golf dreams alive….or at least part of it. Right now, we only have about eight inches of snow on the ground, but I expect that to increase 400% before the temperatures turn and spring like weather starts to poke its head out from a long winter’s nap.

For now, I am left with dreaming about hitting the links in the spring. For those who do not experience the seasonal changes like I do, here are a couple pictures of the snow in my back yard:

My daughter’s dog, Windsor, loving the snowy outdoors.

Snow covered everything. It is beautiful to see.

The winter wonderland is especially glorious when the temperatures hover around 0 to -5°C (32 to 24°F). I find these temperatures in the winter cold enough to keep everything frozen, but warm enough to enjoy long snowshoe walks, walks in general, or playing outside with Windsor. The winter has plenty of opportunities to be active and I plan to take full advantage of its offerings.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “The Winter Wonderland

  1. Played another 3 man skins game this evening. Temps in the mid 60’s so not too bad, but a light right started in on us soon after we started and stuck with us through the round. So I added my rain jacket to what I was already wearing and that limited my movement a little and I just wasn’t getting good contact throughout the day. Little pulls and pushes came from my clothes dragging on me through the swing and that led to lots of long putts, and a few extra missed greens. But I finished in style. I told the guys I needed an eagle finish before we tee’d off on 18 to save my pride because I was getting shut out for a change and somehow, I managed to get that eagle finish thanks to a drive that only pushed a tiny bit right and a 25 foot putt that bent left later than expected but still just in time to catch the edge of the hole. Even losing, it’s hard to feel bad when you finish with an eagle.

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