The Last Round Of The 2023 PGA Championship

As I predicted a few days ago, my top two selects are in the running for the 2023 PGA Championship. Brooks Koepka and Viktor Hovland will be in the final pairing on Sunday afternoon. It will be interesting to see if either can have a quick start to put pressure on the players chasing them for the Wanamaker Trophy. The player I am watching the most is Corey Connors, Canadian, who had one bad hole yesterday to drop out of the lead. With a virtual whose who filling out the top 10 players on the leaderboard, it really is anyone’s tournament to win. With so many great players vying for the win, have you wondered what it would take to close the deal?

Of course the simple answer is greens and fairways. Giving themselves a chance at birdies or at the very least easy pars. The combination of steady play and great putting will be the determining factor for the winner. But, will it really be the final decision maker for the win. I think that this round will be a bit different.

The weather today will be sunny and warm. A very comfortable temperature to play golf. The wind will be blowing slightly, but should not have much of an impact on the players. The ground will be soft due to the rain all day yesterday, so this will to the advantage of players like Connors and Scheffler who are known for being fantastic ball strikers. The one player I would not count out is Rory McIlroy. If McIlroy can close Koepka’s five stroke lead to only two after nine holes, he is capable of making a run to post a score that might be a factor down the stretch this afternoon.

I think the difference in the final score will be a lucky break. Yesterday, we say Connors ball plug in the face of a bunker that cost him a double bogey and the lead. Conversely, we saw Scheffler hit the ball out of deep rough just to watch his ball skip out of the creek running across the fairway. Some shots like these might be the difference between winning and losing today.

Regardless of who you are cheering for, Go Connors Go, it will be interesting to watch the players navigate Oak Hill in near perfect conditions. The player who plays consistently or has a very quick start will likely win the Wanamaker Trophy this afternoon. However, do not overlook the lucky shot influencing the results.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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