The 2023 PGA Championship Final Word

Congratulations to Brooks Koepka for winning the Wanamaker Trophy. His win yesterday was his third PGA Championship and fifth Major in his career. I am not surprised as I chose him to win earlier in the week. (Not to mention Victor Hovland to be second) Koepka found is form from the past when he was almost unbeatable and he looks to be on his way to rack up a few more Majors over the next few years. However, his win was not the only highlights of the tournament that caught the my attention.

Remember yesterday’s post when I said something amazing or equally devastating will happen to shape the results of the tournament, well my prediction was correct. It happen to Michael Block and Victor Hovland. The highs and lows of the PGA Championship happened within 30 minutes on the final day, on the back nine!

The shot of tournament came from Michael Block on the 15th hole. Besides creating a Cinderella like-story for his first PGA Championship, Jarring on the fly hole in one to set up his chances to qualify for next year’s PGA Championship is definitely the highlight of this Major. Let us not forget his amazing pars on the last too holes to take advantage of this shot only makes his accomplishments sweeter.

The most devastating shot of this year’s second Major came from Victor Hovland. After playing extremely well for 15 holes, he made the same mistake that Corey Connors did the day before. He hit his ball into a fairway bunker on the 16th hole. And like Connors, he proceeded to drive his ball into the face of the bunker trying to reach the green. This errand shot lead to a double bogey and assured the win for Koepka. Hovland handle this devastating shot with class and proceed to birdie the 18th hole to claim a tie for second place. Unfortunately for Hovland, that missed bunker shot was the like a rug being pulled out from under his game.

In case you missed the action from the final round:

The 2023 PGA Championship is in the books. There was some stellar play and I want to congratulate all the players for putting on a great show. Next year this major will be played in Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, KY. I am already reserving my seat in front of the TV!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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