Do We Really Need the Rules of Golf?

Recently, I ran a couple of polls to see if players actually use the new rules of golf or at least ask for rulings. I figure with the changes made to modernize golf, it would be worth asking the question of regular players if they need assistance implementing the changes. I must say, I am not surprised at the results, but it is something to think about.

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Is This Considered Backstopping?

Remember a few weeks ago when Amy Olson’s ball hit Ariya Jutanugarn ball on the green and stopped near the hole. Social media went crazy and claimed that Olson had breached rule 15.3a that “clearly states that for a breach to occur, that two or more players must agree to leave a ball in place to help any player on her next stroke.” (USA Today) Neither was penalized, but the brew-ha-ha boarded on the edge of insanity if you asked me. So what about this shot?

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Adjusting To The New Rules of Golf

After two months of the new rules of golf being in effect, the golfing world has seen some controversy. It is interesting to see what players and fans are choosing to worry about, but that is always the case when major change happens within a community. Golf is no different. Unfortunately, we are still snow bound in the northern climes so it has not affected us that much. But, the potential storm is just on the horizon.

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Was the Haotong Li Penalty Under Rule 10.2b(4) Correct?

A great controversy occurred during the Dubai Classic that does not want to leave the news cycle. If you did not see it, basically a professional golfer was assessed a two-stroke penalty for his caddie still being in his line as he started to set up for his putt. The penalty dropped Haotong Li from T3 to T12 and cost the player a fair bit of money (about €100,000 ($150k Cdn – $114k USD). However, that is the least of my concerns because if a golfer breaks the rules, they should be penalized. This is where the controversy stems – the interpretation of the new rule 10.2b(4). Continue reading

Rule 16.3 – Embedded Ball

The third instalment of the new 2019 rules focuses on an embedded ball. This rule is often misunderstood and as a result, the golf governing bodies have decided tried to simplify the Rule 16.3 for all levels of players. I understand the reasoning for the change, but do not necessarily agree that it meets their intent.  Continue reading