Golf’s Simple Math

Golf is a sport steeped in the tradition of mathematics. Regardless of your experience, understanding the simple math of golf can improve your ability to shoot lower scores. There are many different take-aways for your golf score unless you have never been taught the proper math. Golfers who are only out for the pure enjoyment of golf likely do not keep score. That is great that they can enjoy their time on the links without any concern about score. Unfortunately, these players are few and most golfers keep score in order to gauge their playing ability. For those players, today’s article is about the simple math of golf.

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A Look Back At Some Of The New Golf Rules

In 2019, the governing bodies of golf introduced a few new rule modifications and streamlined the exceptions related to the rules of golf. At first many of golfers were skeptical, but after four years of use, I wonder if the changes have helped or hindered the amateur player’s game. I know that in my case, the rule changes made very little difference because I do not play by the rules anyway…..wait, that is not right. šŸ˜‰ The new rule changes have helped in many ways to speed up the game by removing the fog of confusion many amateurs face when playing golf.

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Discussing A Ruling In Golf

The rules of golf do not always provide a clear answer. Sometimes, a ruling is required through a discussion of the playing group. If a consensus on the interpretation cannot be found, then an alternative resolution process engages to ensure that the field is protected. Of course, these rules discussion rarely happens in a friendly because the stakes are generally not that high. In a competition, however, the proper interpretation is needed. Therefore, a process of finding an equitable solution is needed. This process needs to be simple, easy to enforce, and relatively quick. It just so happens I have a process that you might find useful if you are planning to play in any golf competition.

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Golf Rule Changes For 2023

Golf Canada announce five rule changes for 2023. These rules will likely not impact the mainstream player, but it is good to know that the governing bodies are trying to keep the rules of golf simple and fair. This is a quick look and I have not analyzed the changes yet, but I thought it is a good idea to spread the word. Here is an infographic produced by Golf Canada:

Additionally, I read that the governing bodies are encouraging the use of digital rules books: “All the updates will be available in the new Rules of Golf released on Jan. 1. But the rules ā€œbookā€ will only be available digitally or via the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf app. The governing bodies will print a few hard copies for rules officials, but in the interest of sustainability, they will end their practice of encouraging players to carry the book in their bags. By doing this, the USGA alone with eliminate printing 2 million books, or almost half a billion pages of paper.” (Golf Digest) As much as I like carrying a rules book, this decision to transition to a digital rules book is a good one. This is a future trend for golf that I endorse.

The rules are changing and on the surface, I do not see a real issue with the changes. As I delve deeper into the new rules over the winter, I will have more to say. But, for now the information is out there for all to read.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

An Update On Relief From Penalty Areas

RedĀ andĀ YellowĀ stakes are often confused. Most amateurs who do notĀ understand the rules and drop the ball within 2 club lengths of their point of entry into the hazard and then just carry on. They often ask the question about the number of penalty stokes they must count and sometimes ā€˜forgetā€™ the penalty all together. For the weekend golfer who does not really care that much about their score, it really does not matter. However, when playing in a competition it is important to understand your options in order to avoid unnecessary penalty added to your overall score.

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