Line Of Sight Relief From An Obstruction

It is not uncommon for golf courses to have permanent obstructions on a golf course, like a fence. There are many reasons to have these obstructions especially when holes run parrallel to each other. At Osprey Links, there are two fences that come into play quite often. One is on the 3rd/6th hole and 18/1st hole. I have found myself having to take relief from these permanent obstructions more than I care to talk about. 😉 After finding myself close to these obstructions, I followed a process to take relief, but if you do not know the process, then you might inadvertently incur penalty strokes you do not need.

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Properly Dropping A Golf Ball

As you probably know, the rules of golf changed in 2019. One of the major changes has to do with how to properly drop a golf ball to take relief. The logic of the governing bodies is to help ensure our ball stays in the drop area if dropped from a lower level. I understand the logic, but have to say I do not really agree with their conclusion.

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Calling A Golf Rules Infraction On A Competitor

This particular article has nothing to do with a friendly match. The reason I say this is that I do not pay any attention to any golfers game outside of a competition. I do follow all the happenings of the round, but I do not care what other golfers are doing with respect to what they record as a score. In competitions, focusing on ensuring all my competitors and myself follows the rules to the best of our ability.

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Even Experienced Golfers Make Rule Mistakes

Understanding the rules of golf is very important for all golfers. I studied the rules and feel that if wanted to be competitive golfer, I needed to know the ins and outs of the rule book. I feel that I understand the rules well and that I have saved many strokes because I knew the details and how to implement the rules. Regardless of how confident I felt, I still made mistakes that cost me a stroke or two. Fortunately, it did not cost me a match or a tournament.

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Taking Relief From A Divot

The rules of golf do not allow for relief from a divot in the fairway. It is the most annoying non-rule in golf! I rarely hit my ball into a divot, but when it happens I find it very disturbing, frustrating, and downright unfair! As a matter of fact, I think all golfers should band together and lobby golf’s governing bodies to change the rules to include relief from a divot.