A Great Chipping Tip For Breaking 90

There are hundreds of golf tips that any player can use to lower their golf score. These tips, however, should fit your game. There is one drill by Rick Shiels espouses that will help many players consistently break 90. This specific drill is one that I have used for years and have taught to many of my friends. I believe this drill should be in every golfers bag and knowing how and when to employ it is definitely a stroke saver.

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Chipping: Selecting the Right Club at the Right Time

This post is in response to several questions on chipping I received over the past few days. I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the matter and explain how I approach my short game.

My short game is my bread and butter. I hit the ball straight most of the time and like all other players, I do miss the green 50% of the time on my approach shots. With that being said, over the years, I spent a great deal of time chipping and pitching the ball. As discussed in yesterday’s post, I am always trying to sink each chip, but we all know that this happens infrequently. Therefore, chipping the ball as close to the hole as possible is next in line of my short game expectations. Continue reading

Chipping for Success in Golf

Chipping for success in golf is a given. All golfers, whether they think so or not, are trying to sink every shot. I know that sometimes we say things like “If I get this close….”, but to be realistic, we are always trying to make every chip. However, percentages tell us that we are not always successful, yet it does not change our intent. Recently, two instances happened when I was playing where chipping was at the forefront of someone’s success on the links. Continue reading

Golfing Perfection!

In the past, I talked about your go to shot! I asked if you had a shot that, no matter what was happening, it was a shot that you had total confidence in executing. Having this shot in your bag, definitely helps keep your scores low! However, this shot is a rescue shot, but not really a “that awe-inspiring”shot.

If you watch golf on TV, most of you will have seen the shot tracker. It traces the ball flight and each shot seems to always have that special shape of perfection, however I am not so sure this is the case. If you think of your game, I bet you can think of that one club that when you strike it perfectly, you are mesmerized until it comes to a complete stop!

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