Golfing Perfection!

In the past, I talked about your go to shot! I asked if you had a shot that, no matter what was happening, it was a shot that you had total confidence in executing. Having this shot in your bag, definitely helps keep your scores low! However, this shot is a rescue shot, but not really a “that awe-inspiring”shot.

If you watch golf on TV, most of you will have seen the shot tracker. It traces the ball flight and each shot seems to always have that special shape of perfection, however I am not so sure this is the case. If you think of your game, I bet you can think of that one club that when you strike it perfectly, you are mesmerized until it comes to a complete stop!

create a great golferI have one of those shots! This one shot keeps me enthralled for about 5 seconds as the ball leaves my club until it stops on the green. If you are wondering, it is my 8-iron.

When I strike this club pure, the sound is crisp, the ball climbs gracefully to its apex, and as the ball descends to the green it almost does it in slow motion. When it lands on the green, the ball takes one hop and stops instantly! The ball flies about 145 yards and really is golfing perfection!

Unfortunately, my pure 8-iron happens about once every couple of rounds. It is a club I do not practice with much, because I am confident that even my miss hits are acceptable. I guess I should change that next time at the range.

Do you have that one club that is better than the rest? If so, share your story; we would all like to share in your successes!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Golfing Perfection!

  1. Jim,

    I guess the saying “therapy is a bucket of balls and an 8-iron” could apply to you! My shot isn’t with a particular club but rather, like Brian, a shot that “must” get into play when under pressure. For me, this is typically a power fade. Particularly when I’m under pressure this feels like a natural shot to me and I find it easier to release the club while feeling nerves, and when it comes off under the gun just as planned, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings for me.



  2. Hi Jim. My favorite is a go-to shot when you absolutely have to hit the fairway. I’ll tee up my ball just above ground level and hit a 3/4 3WD from the middle of my stance. Sometimes I’ll hit it straight, others with a draw, and the ball flight is very low and controllable. I don’t have to worry too much about how it curves, just that it almost always keeps me out of trouble.



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