The Shaft of A Golf Club – Important or Not?

Golf equipment has evolved greatly since I started playing golf. In over 40 years, you name the piece of kit and we can trace a plethora of advancements. Before we chase the rabbit down its hole, we can discuss the merit of these changes at a later date.  During my fitting a few years back, there was one piece of equipment Jeff Stephenson, the Titleist fitter, said was critical to this entire process: the shaft. He indicated that fitting the right shaft to the correct swing speed made the difference between a good set of clubs and a great one. Continue reading

Golfing Perfection!

In the past, I talked about your go to shot! I asked if you had a shot that, no matter what was happening, it was a shot that you had total confidence in executing. Having this shot in your bag, definitely helps keep your scores low! However, this shot is a rescue shot, but not really a “that awe-inspiring”shot.

If you watch golf on TV, most of you will have seen the shot tracker. It traces the ball flight and each shot seems to always have that special shape of perfection, however I am not so sure this is the case. If you think of your game, I bet you can think of that one club that when you strike it perfectly, you are mesmerized until it comes to a complete stop!

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