Is Driver Loft Important For Increased Distance?

The discussion of more driver loft for increase distance has decided to rear its confusing head again. It is interesting that the hype created by manufacturers is fueling the potential desire to change driver settings without really understanding the reasons or science of why hitting it higher is important. I have recently changed my hitting technique to launch my ball a bit higher to gain some added distance, but that is because I was handcuffing myself by trying to drive the ball versus launching the ball. More on that below. Regardless, it is important to understand that hitting the ball higher does not necessarily equate to longer distances with the driver; there are so many other factors to understand!

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The Three “T” For Creating An Effortless Golf Swing

I set a goal this year to increase my distance off the tee by at least 10 yards. I believe, although I am getting older, that this distance goal is a reasonable milestone that I can achieve without having to redesign my entire golf swing. I think I have a fundamentally strong swing and as such I am looking to tweak minor aspects of my game. Fortunately, I was introduced to the three “T” to help develop power and possibly achieve one of my 2021 goals.

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It Is Like Trying To Twist A Pretzel

Golf is a sport that requires some flexibility. The range of movement encompasses over 360° in order to properly move the club head through various directions. I am sure we can debate the exact degree count, but for the aspect of this discussion today, I think you get the point. I akin the flexibility, or lack of, needed to the ability to twist a pretzel. Let me explain.

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Picking a Golf Club to Improve Your Game

Recently, Josh from Golf is Mental commented on my blog called “Golf Technology – Helping or Hurting”; his statement really hit home for me! I have not stopped thinking about it and thought it would be a great topic to talk about.

Josh stated:

If companies started to market equipment that will help them hit “insanely” buttery chips and splashing out “ridiculous” sand shots, if they practice, I bet the average handicap might start to come down.

His point is very profound. The current trend in golf is to add distance to every club. Particularly, the driver and its many variations is catching the most attention in the media. Hitting the ball further is definitely an asset, but clubs that make “buttery chips” would possibly sell more than the driver. Or would it?

DSCF7212I have talked about hitting the ball further off the tee several times in the past, but all the articles were about technique not technology. There is no question that hitting the ball further is a tremendous asset! Watching players like Bubba Watson, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson smash the ball 270 yards with a three wood and land just off the green is amazing….not because they missed the green, but the confidence in their short game. Most of the time, they coolly walk to their ball and hit a “buttery chip” for the up and down! Is that not worth a few extra dollars if we could buy a club that could do that more often than not?

Or, is there more interest in being able to hit your 5 iron 190 yards for an approach shot? Or, hitting a 9 iron 160 yards as you go pin hunting? Or hitting the 3-hybrid 240 yards to the center of the green? Or…..I think you get my point!

Personally, I would pay extra for a wedge that would guarantee an up and down from 15 yards 6 times out of 10. If a club could be invented that would guarantee 25 yards on my irons…I would buy them! If the golf companies could offer a guarantee such that their irons would never slice….they would be in my bag. Of course we know that it would be impossible for companies to make these claims, however it is good to dream.

So here is my question, if a golf company could create that one club and guarantee its success, which club would you choose and why?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!