The 2022 Golf Season Has Started: So, Now What?

Albeit slow, my 2022 golf season has started. With nine holes under my belt, it is now time to think about what I want to see happen to my game over the next 5 months. I always want to improve my game, but I am getting to the point where I want to enjoy playing as much as focusing my efforts on gaining a stroke here and there. I am planning one dramatic change this year and I am not sure how it will affect my game.

I feel this way sometimes waiting for golf to start.

Traditionally, I am a early bird player. I like going out in the cool of the morning when the grass is a bit damp. It is how I have scheduled my games over the past 20+years. Playing early in the morning has its challenges, but it is something I have grown accustom to dealing with.

Because I am only 10 minutes away from the golf course, I have decided to adjust my playing times. My darling wife and I want to become more active and the mornings is the best time for us to walk, hike, kayak, etc. So, I have am committing to playing in the afternoons as much as possible. I realize my games will happen in the heat of the afternoons, but I think it is going to better for my overall life goals.

Playing golf in the heat of day will offer some benefits and drawbacks. The greatest drawback will be the heat and the need to stay hydrated. Additionally, I will have to wear more sunblock and be conscious of how the heat affects my physically. I am very confident I can handle this change and we shall see how my experiment works out over the next few months.

The benefits of playing in the heat of day will center around greater distances with my longer clubs. I think I will gain a good 10 yards in roll and that should help shorten my approach shots. This inturn should improve my GIR. Or at least that is how I have sketched out the plan. Again…..we shall see.

Regularly, playing golf in the afternoon will take getting used to; I am confident I will be able to make the transition. Setting more time aside for activities with my best friend is very important and my transition to my new home course is the perfect time to make the change. When is your favourite time to play golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “The 2022 Golf Season Has Started: So, Now What?

  1. I have always preferred playing late afternoon on weekdays for most of the year. Early and late in the year when it is cooler, we play during the nicest part of the day.

    Even though I am an early riser, I prefer to play after the dew is off the grass, although I will play earlier if necessary.

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  2. Jim, I play in the afternoon. Started four years ago when the club I got a membership with required it. Now I find more availability of afternoon tee times at lower prices. The drawback is the threat of playing in thunderstorms, especially in the summer. Got dumped on so bad yesterday, I had to bag it after nine holes. It’s all good though.



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      • Jim, the course is an upscale daily fee venue that offers memberships. I played on a 4-year frequent player deal where I got 30 rounds for $1,400 which works out to $46 per round and that includes a cart. The requirement was that I tee off after 1:00 pm. on weekends (when I play) because they’re selling tee times in the morning for like $94 and they make more money that way.

        I played out my membership and did not renew. They upped the cost to about $60 per round and made you start after 2:00 pm. Not a good enough value for me. At the other courses I play, you still pay a premium to play in the morning but I’m so used to playing after noon, it’s no big deal now. Heck that’s when the leaders tee off right?



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      • Brian,

        I am amazed at all the different ways golf courses try to maximize their profits. It seems that memberships are really not that important anymore. Well, it is a business and that should be expected. And you are right, the leaders always tee off in the afternoon.

        Cheers Jim

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  3. I think it’s too area, course and really person specific to make a recommendation. I play late. I like the fact that the course is emptier. I often seem to have it all to myself. I like that while it starts out hot, it cools off as the sun goes down. I think that helps me stay sharper thoughout the round. On some courses around here a late round will mean worse green conditions, but not so much here. The grass on ours isn’t grainy so the only real worry is a missed divot or someone dragging their feet. Things we should check for between our ball and the hole anyway. But we don’t see big differences in speed across the day unless we got dew in the morning or we play one just after it’s been watered.

    But this is me. And the courses right outside my door. Your mileage may vary as they say. I can run out at 5:30, walk the course and be back in before 8 even if I stop to chat with buddies and never hear a word of complaint from the family. And there is no “prettier” time of day here than sunset.

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