Playing Golf In 2022

Well my 2022 golf season has started. We played our first round yesterday and it went exactly as expected. I shot a few pars, a few bogies and one other. I actually did not keep my score because it did not matter. As in previous years, I felt like Bob Uecker from Major League. The first hole will be a precursor for my year. Yesterday, I had a putt for birdie and lipped out. I am not sure what it exactly means, but my 15 foot birdie putt was the best chance I had at a sub-par score all day.

My round played out as expected. I hit some great shots, poor shots, and putted poorly. But, as we many of us know, the first round of the year is all about having fun. And that is exactly what happened.

17th hole from the white tees.

The best part of the round was playing my first round of 2022 with Blair, Rick and Fernando. They are my usual crew and it just seemed right playing the first round of the year with my friends. We immediately started the round off with some much needed jabs and jokes. It continued for nine holes and we all left laughing and please with our first round.

My 2022 golf season has started and I could not be happier. I am waiting for my local course to open, but in the meantime I will play where I can. Has your golf season started?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Playing Golf In 2022

  1. Good morning Jim. Golf has started in my neck of the woods as well. I was able to get out last week ( March 24th ) and again this past Friday. Although I feel like I hit the ball alright for the most part, I sure had a hard time getting the ball in the hole. As with you though, for me the first few rounds are about having fun and just getting out. I play mostly with my nephew who hits the ball a mile and he played well so I was happy for him. I guess the silver lining is it should only get better from here! Lol. Always enjoy your articles Jim. Take care and hopefully see you this summer.

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  2. Well, happy to hear it. I can’t imagine having to wait like you do. Well I can, just choose not to. lol Anyway, here’s to many more fun rounds and some great golf this season.


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