Dropping Putts From 4 to 6 Feet

I realize that I have been harping about putting from 4 to 6 feet lately, but it such an important distance to master that I cannot say it enough. In the beginning of my career, I thought that 3 foot putts were the most important putts to lower my golf score. As the years past, I found that 3 feet was not the distance I worried about, it was the knee knockers I had to make between 4 and 6 feet. I looked at a plethora of videos and none really hit the mark about what I think is important to sink more putts from the crucial distance.

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Advance Golf Drill – Putting

Putting is a very important skill to master for shooting low scores in golf. It is the core skill in my game and I am constantly working to improve my putting. Each round I play, I have a target number of 28 putts. It matches the PGA Tour average, but it is a realistic goal I meet or beat 50% of the time. My score is directly affected by how well I putt during the round, so I have high expectations.

To meet my high expectations, I work on my short game often. I try different drills and techniques to keep my putting sharp. Recently, I offered a simple putting drill for beginners. It involved two alignment sticks and three golf balls.

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