Advance Golf Drill – Putting

Putting is a very important skill to master for shooting low scores in golf. It is the core skill in my game and I am constantly working to improve my putting. Each round I play, I have a target number of 28 putts. It matches the PGA Tour average, but it is a realistic goal I meet or beat 50% of the time. My score is directly affected by how well I putt during the round, so I have high expectations.

To meet my high expectations, I work on my short game often. I try different drills and techniques to keep my putting sharp. Recently, I offered a simple putting drill for beginners. It involved two alignment sticks and three golf balls.

The following drill is an extension of the video above. I would suggest it is an advanced putting drill that will help players improve their aim, follow through and consistency on putts between 10 and 15 feet. This is common distance I have after my approach shots. This drill is also designed to minimize 3-putts during my round; a must for my game.

Set up the drill as above. The end of the alignment sticks, closest to the hole, can start at any distance, but I suggest you start at 6 feet. You will need 6 golf balls and a flat surface (at first). This drill involves setting up the balls, in pairs, outside the alignment sticks at the 1 foot, 4 foot, and 7 foot distances.

advanced Putting Drill

An advanced putting drill

To perform this drill, start at the closest golf balls. Putt the balls through the alignment sticks without touching any of the sides. It is important to hit the ball firm enough so it could travel past the hole by 8 inches on your intended line to ensure it has a chance to go in. If the alignment sticks are set up properly, the ball will go in the hole almost every time.

At this point, this drill sets up for a 9, 12, and 15 foot putt. I putt both balls at the same time moving from the closest balls to the furthest balls. After putting the ball through several cycles, you will start to naturally adjust your aim and follow through to hit the ball through the alignment sticks without touching the sides. This natural adjustment helps train my body for future putts without the alignment sticks.

Moving from closest to furthest is the simple aspect of the drill. Once comfortable with the current routine, change it up. Start with the furthest balls and move forward. This will be the real test of your aim and follow through.

Once comfortable with these distances and your success grows, it may be time to move the alignment sticks back farther. I recommend that you move them back 3 feet and repeat the drill. It is not required to move the sticks back farther, but you can test your skill by keeping the sticks at 6 feet and moving the balls farther back. There are many modifications to this drill and only your imagination will limit its applicability to your game.

Consistent putting is the foundation of lower golf scores. I believe that this drill will help you improve your aim, follow through and consistency. When you give it a try, let me know what you think.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Advance Golf Drill – Putting

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  3. Jim, I too use alignment sticks for putting drills although I typically make a channel with the sticks right at the hole and start with 4 footers and gradually move back. Recently, I’ve been rug putting indoors using the sticks and a 2×4 which I draw a vertical line on the edge for a target. The board works as an excellent backstop.



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      • Jim, I just focus on hitting 4-foot putts between the sticks on the rug. I’m looking to ingrain a couple fundamentals like keeping my head still and releasing the putter head. Feel hasn’t been impacted negatively at all. Generally, I’ll hit the ball harder on the rug because I’m banging it against a board. Helps me to stay aggressive on the stroke.



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