Grip Pressure When Chipping

How tightly do you grip your club when chipping from 5 yards, 10 yards, or 25 yards off the green? Does it change or do you maintain a consistent pressure? Over the years, I have asked these and many other questions with no real consensus. It appears to be a personal thing that each player needs to develop for themselves.

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Chipping With One Eye

Have you ever tried chipping with one eye? Or, as a matter of fact, doing something completely different than what you normally do? It really is a challenge to break muscle memory, but the experiment is worth the effort. For many serious golfers (yes I am talking to you Kevin, Josh, Rick, Brian, Mike, Zeb, Blair, Jeff, Skip, Mac….okay, I will stop now because you get my point) trying something new is an important step to improvement. And chipping with one eye is something that everyone should try.

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Advance Golf Drill – Putting

Putting is a very important skill to master for shooting low scores in golf. It is the core skill in my game and I am constantly working to improve my putting. Each round I play, I have a target number of 28 putts. It matches the PGA Tour average, but it is a realistic goal I meet or beat 50% of the time. My score is directly affected by how well I putt during the round, so I have high expectations.

To meet my high expectations, I work on my short game often. I try different drills and techniques to keep my putting sharp. Recently, I offered a simple putting drill for beginners. It involved two alignment sticks and three golf balls.

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