Grip Pressure When Chipping

How tightly do you grip your club when chipping from 5 yards, 10 yards, or 25 yards off the green? Does it change or do you maintain a consistent pressure? Over the years, I have asked these and many other questions with no real consensus. It appears to be a personal thing that each player needs to develop for themselves.

After some research, most teaching professionals recommend a light relaxed grip pressure for all golf shots. When chipping, I find that this suggestion is valid, yet I sometimes forget in attempts to make solid contact. It seems counter intuitive to have less pressure to make proper contact; yet it is what is being espoused.

The challenge for me was finding that perfect pressure that works for my game. I have tried many different variations of grip pressure and I have finally settled on the firmness that works for me. Here is how it works:

All of the following is from 25 yards or closer to the green:

  • On the short grass: I use the same grip pressure as my putter;
  • On the first cut: I tighten my lead hand (left) slightly to ensure my wrists stay locked through contact. This pressure equates to the amount required to lift the club head to my knees; and
  • In the deeper grass: I tighten my lead (left) but allow my wrists to free flow through contact. The grip pressure in this case is like lifting the club head to my waist and holding it there. I want to have loose wrists because it ensures my club head accelerates through contact.

You will notice that my grip pressure changes slightly given where the ball is located. It is important to understand that as conditions change, small adjustments are required to replicate the consistent solid contact required when chipping. My system was developed over many years of trial and error and it works for me.

Developing your grip pressure for your game is important. It does help reduce strokes because you will be able to make that full consistent swing you seek. I found the following video very helpful and wish I had found it years ago.

What is your grip pressure like when chipping? Does it vary depending on conditions?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Grip Pressure When Chipping

  1. Jim, I don’t usually think about my grip pressure when chipping but from time to time when I start to struggle, I’ll remind myself to lighten my grip pressure and let my body control the shot. Works pretty good on the full swing as well.




    • Brian

      I am the same way. The less I think about swing mechanics, the better I play. When I practice, that is a different beast until I decide I have the right pressure then hit many balls with that grip. I am pretty sure my grip pressure has not changed in years.

      Cheers Jim

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