Web.com Wedge Play

I came across this video of a wedge game hosted by the Web.com. Nine professionals started and if you missed the target you were out. No extra lives or anything; talk about pressure shots.

As you watch the short video, take note of the reaction when a player is eliminated. Talk about fierce competitors!

I am impressed by the players ability to consistently hit the target from 100 yards. If you asked me, having a short game like this is critical to shooting low golf scores.

Have an awesome Friday!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “Web.com Wedge Play

  1. Thanks for sharing Jim!
    Doesn’t hurt when there is money involved! Sometimes that can be motivating in itself. As for the short game, the golfers ability to hit their shots consistently is very impressive, this range can be tricky depending on your club selection.


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