Golf Drill: Having Fun With Chipping

Chipping is the second most important skill to master in golf; It sets up your putting (the most important skill to master). The closer the ball is to the hole, the easier the putt. I spend almost as much time working on my chipping as I do on my putting. Understanding the influences for each chip, which varies every time, is very important.

To be considered an expert short game player, I believe a 70% up-and-down percentage is required. To achieve this goal, a golfer should understand how the ball responds off their wedges and which wedge to use when. That comes with practice and all practice should not be arduous!

This drill is designed to understand how to hit a ball a particular distance through the air with your wedges. Arming yourself with this knowledge will help build your confidence on the course, remove fear of miss hits and in turn lower your golf scores.

Advanced Chipping Drill

Having Fun With Chipping

This chipping drill is designed for 5, 10, and 15 yards. However, it can be from farther, but I find the drill loses its effectiveness after 15 yards. It is also designed so a player can use all their wedges as they experiment from all the distances. If you do not have alignment sticks, clubs will work just fine; however anchor the clubs with tees or they will move every time they are hit by the ball you are chipping.

The image on the left is just to demonstrate (from 10 yards) how to set up the X configuration of this chipping drill. The bottom right shows the landing area for this portion of the fun drill.

I like to score my success by awarding points for landing anywhere inside the X. 3 points for landing in my intended quadrant, 2 points for any of the other quadrants, and 1 point if my ball lands outside the X, but at the right distance. I see how many shots it takes for me to reach 10 points. My best score to date is 10 points in 7 balls from 10 yards using my 56 degree wedge.

The cross configuration, the top left image, is a variation to the X drill.  The same routine applies, but your results might be a bit different. I found the cross configuration more difficult than the X set up. Maybe it is just me, but I find it more difficult to hit inside the cross from 10 and 15 yards. So, if you want to step up the pressure on your chipping, I recommend starting with the X configuration and transitioning to the cross.

Chipping is very important. You will find that this drill will greatly improve your ability to judge and execute chip shots to a particular distance. This knowledge is transferable to the course. You will find that your chips will finish closer to the hole and as a result it will help lower your golf score.

When you try this chipping drill, let me know how many balls you used to reach the score of 10!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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