What is the Strongest Part of Your Golf Game?

What is the strongest part of your golf game? Have you ever really sat down and gave this very important question any thought? Generally, we ask what is the weakest part of your game and many jump to that answer without hesitation. But, trying to ascertain the strongest part of our game is more challenging. It forces us to really examine our game and realize what we think is our strongest game is not. In case you are wondering, our strengths shift throughout the season and it is important to have a process to distinguish where to focus our practice and adjust our course management. Continue reading

Building Your Golf Game From the Ground Up

Don’t let the title confuse you into thinking that your stance is the first part of your golf swing you have to master. Although it is very important, it is only one component of your golf game. A golf game is made up of four basic parts, each is as important as the other. Leaving out any of the four does lead to under achievement and immense frustration.

Before you start laughing, think about your golf swing; now focus on playing golf. After a moment, I bet you only come up with three components. These would be considered the low hanging fruit and easy to discern. But, pray tell is that fourth component that makes all the difference! Continue reading

Pride or Ego – Does it Affect Your Golf Game

Yesterday, I asked the question if pride or ego was helping or hurting your golf game. It was a simple question that has a tremendous impact on your game. Many do not realize how it slowly creeps into your mental focus and your swing mechanics, but it does.

As I look back at my previous posts, I think I may have fallen into a trap. My earlier thoughts were that pride or ego was a bad thing and it needed to be controlled. Now, I am not so sure. I am wondering if there is a place for pride or ego in my game. Continue reading

Golf Drill: Having Fun With Chipping

Chipping is the second most important skill to master in golf; It sets up your putting (the most important skill to master). The closer the ball is to the hole, the easier the putt. I spend almost as much time working on my chipping as I do on my putting. Understanding the influences for each chip, which varies every time, is very important.

To be considered an expert short game player, I believe a 70% up-and-down percentage is required. To achieve this goal, a golfer should understand how the ball responds off their wedges and which wedge to use when. That comes with practice and all practice should not be arduous!

Continue reading

Thank You Golfing Bloggers!

Many golf bloggers have a small group of fellow fanatics they talk to regularly. I am no different. Daily, we share our thoughts and views about all aspects of golf. Sometimes the conversation leads to differences of opinion, but mostly we talk like sportsmen and I always leave with a positive vibe.

Grateful Golfer

For the past two years, I have been fortunate to interact with people from New Zealand, U.K., USA, Canada, Ireland, and many other places. Golfers from 112 countries have graced my blog with comments, likes, and some were just looking. How cool is that!

Blogging about golf has helped me through some trying personal challenges, frustration about my golf game, and to keep a real perspective about what is really important! For those who are wondering, it goes in this order: family, health, friends, golf! Without the first three, golf is really not important to me at all.

The greatest rewards of having a golf blog is the connections I have made over the past two years. Some connections have faded, but are not forgotten. Routinely, I talk to my e-friends (because we have not met yet) about golfing news, tips, techniques, our ups and downs on the links and how to steadily improve our scores. Not surprisingly, all the great advice and encouragement has improved my golf game substantially! For that, I am grateful to my e-friends.

There are about 10 of you I talk to on a regular basis and you know who you are! To you and all the others who take the time to connect with me, I am grateful. Your perspective on golf and life is refreshing.

Thank you for all the advice, help and friendship! Because of our positive interaction, it is easy to be a grateful golfer!