The Joys Of Writing About Golf

Writing is very therapeutic. I find that if I write everyday (or almost everyday) I feel a sense of accomplishment. It is something that helps motivate me to seek out other things to do and get them done. Of course, some of the tasks are very small and others larger, but the knocking things of my ‘to do’ or ‘want to do’ list is always a good thing. It is interesting how writing a small article as a larger influence on my daily life.

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Are Professional Golfers As Good As We Think?

I often wondered if the average professional golf is as good as we think. As a steady 5 handicap player, I think I have some game. I understand that I have some weaknesses and continue to strive for lower scores. However, the average professional golfer has challenges as well and goes to great lengths to be a more competitive player. Unfortunately, I have never watched a professional event live, but have watched enough on TV to make an informed decision.

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What Does Your Golf Score Really Tell You?

Much discussion happens around a players golf score and what it really means. Usually the first question out of any golfer’s mouth was “what did you shoot?” Or they are asking others about the best players score, it appears that the score is the benchmark to measure all things in golf. Well, I can tell you that the numbers lie and do not really mean as much as we think. Sometimes we chase a lower golf score like a dog changes his tail with no real success.

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Tale of an Amateur Golfer

Yesterday, I received this awesome response from Kevin, a member of The Grateful Golfer community. It sums up what most amateurs think when talking about golf. What I found most interesting is that as I read, I could see myself in many parts of his response. So instead of trying to describe it, I thought you would enjoy his story. Continue reading