The Joys Of Writing About Golf

Writing is very therapeutic. I find that if I write everyday (or almost everyday) I feel a sense of accomplishment. It is something that helps motivate me to seek out other things to do and get them done. Of course, some of the tasks are very small and others larger, but the knocking things of my ‘to do’ or ‘want to do’ list is always a good thing. It is interesting how writing a small article as a larger influence on my daily life.

This is day 66 in my current streak of writing. As I pen these words, I have a sense of joy and gratefulness that I have a media to share my golf musings. Additionally, the three to four hundred words help open my mind to other possibilities of what I can accomplish if I set my mind to it. It is like starting a mini journey every day.

Of course I do not expect my writings to have a profound impact on you the reader, but I do hope it helps brighten your day. I enjoy reading the about the exploits of other amateur golfers or the happenings around the world. I do this because it forces me to expand my thinking and accept that the world is a complex community, so I feel that my writings add to daily happenings through different countries.

Writing brings me joy; especially if I write about golf. I realize it might seem crazy to invest so much time writing, thinking or playing a sport, but for some reason my interest in golf has flourished into a passion. And as a passion, I freely offer time in my day to feed the fires. Whether I am writing, practicing, or playing I usually feel relaxed and in the moment; how can this be a bad thing.

The joys of writing about golf influence many areas of my life. It is something I can see me doing now and in the future. How long this side of my golf passion will last is anyone’s guess. But for now, I am not going to over think things and just enjoy the ride.

I am a grate golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The Joys Of Writing About Golf

  1. When you enjoy something, it comes out in the quality of your work. Your posts reflect that. Thanks for doing this Jim, we enjoy reading daily.

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