Breaking 80 Using Golf Stats

Most golfers who find their handicap dropping will collect data to monitor their play. This data is converted into stats which they can use to focus on specific areas of their game. Kevin, a regular at The Grateful Golfer, has mentioned many times over the years that collecting and analyzing stats is more than just numbers on a page. I agree wholeheartedly. When I worked I, like Kevin, use stats off the course to determine courses of action or at least recommend a way forward. This analytical process has helped my golf game over the years because I learned to gather and apply fact based results to lower my score. This process of stat analysis is one I used to consistently break 80 and you can as well.

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Analyzing Golf Club Use

If you are like most players, you carry at least 14 clubs. I say this with tongue in cheek because during friendly matches, I have watched players carry a few more than the legal number. Regardless of other players do, I only carry 14 clubs unless I am experimenting; then I do not record this round for my handicap. Anyway, every few years I analyze the clubs I carry to ensure that I have the proper equipment to match my every evolving game. Well, 2021 is the season where I take an important and critical look at how often (and where) I use my clubs. In the past, this process lead me to replace my 5 wood with a 60° lob wedge. It is not time to see if my changes are still valid or do I need to make another adjustment.

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Managing Statistics And What They Can Say

Statistics are a part of the modern era. They can be gathered, analysed, and shaped in at a moments notice. Depending on your focus, they can lead you down the wrong path or point you towards a pot of gold. This is true in all aspects of our life, but the challenge is to stay focused on the stat that means the most. The trick is to find that stat and shape your decision-making and actions to influence it. By doing so, a domino effect will occur and many areas of your data collection will grow. Let me explain.