Tony Dear: Ode to Arnold Palmer

This is an awesome #GOLFCHAT article by Tony Dear. It is well worth the read. I have copied the first few paragraphs of the article and recommend you read it in its entirety!

An Englishman pays tribute to the American giant, and thanks him for revitalizing the Open Championship.

He didn’t like the label. “There’s no king in golf,” he said. “Certainly not me.” But how could you not call Arnold Palmer the King?

Everything about the man set him apart from his contemporaries and the generations of golfers that came after him, and who owe him a huge debt of gratitude, if not a king’s ransom. In terms of stature, prominence, and importance, Palmer wasn’t ‘one of the…’. He was simply ‘the…’.

But he wasn’t a tyrannical ruler, of course – not the sort to perch himself above all else, expect better treatment, or treat others as subordinates. He appreciated others, recognizing that his immense wealth and success gave him the opportunity to benefit those near him, as well as people he’d never meet……..

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