Taking a Hiatus From Golf

Well the day has finally arrived; I have to take a break from golf. As many of you know, I am going through chemotherapy and yesterday I needed to have a PICC line installed. It is the nature of my treatments and it is the safest path forward for improved long-term personal health. I actually stopped playing last Thursday, but yesterday was the final step. So the real question for me today is: Now What! Continue reading

Waiting For Golf Sucks!

Rarely on The Grateful Golfer do I write about anything negative. But, this week the weather is awesome, the temperature is warm, and my friends are ready for me to join them at a moment’s notice. As it turns out, this is also the first week of recovery from my last chemotherapy treatment. So, golf must wait until Monday to ensure that I do not overwork myself and create health challenges when they can be avoided.

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