Waiting For Golf Sucks!

Rarely on The Grateful Golfer do I write about anything negative. But, this week the weather is awesome, the temperature is warm, and my friends are ready for me to join them at a moment’s notice. As it turns out, this is also the first week of recovery from my last chemotherapy treatment. So, golf must wait until Monday to ensure that I do not overwork myself and create health challenges when they can be avoided.

For those who are wondering, most cancer treatments come with their own set of problems. First, I have to avoid too much sun. My skin is very sensitive to sunlight, so lathering up with sunscreen is a must. Second, controlling my temperature is a challenge. I can get hot or cold at a moment’s notice. High temperatures are something I must avoid because they have their own unique set of challenges. Lastly, I tire easily. Since I am battling on all fronts, much of this week’s energy is used to help my chemo beat the little bugger inside my chest. So, I realize that taking it easy this week is a must to ensure I am ready to golf next week.

During this challenging week of waiting to play golf, I am engaging in a bit of retail therapy. Amazon.ca is an amazing thing. I will not reveal exactly what I purchased, but you will be reading about it in a day or two. I did putt a bit in my basement, but this is only a stop-gap until I can hit the greens.

As many of you know, healing from an injury during golf season is challenging. Since the season up North is short, being sidelined for any length of time causes both mental and physical stress to any golfer. However, I must laugh at myself. Considering all the blessings in my life, if my biggest concern of the day is waiting 3 more days for golf, well, life is pretty darn good. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful aspects of my life and, all whining aside, I can easily wait until Monday. There is a bigger picture here, and I do have my eye on the prize.

Thanks for reading my diatribe. Considering I get to walk every morning with my best friend, sip our morning coffee together, and laugh at our silliness throughout the day… I think my life is pretty awesome.

Today is TGIF for most of you. I hope you have an awesome day and an even better weekend. Remember to be grateful – I sure do every day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Waiting For Golf Sucks!

  1. It hurts just hearing about you having to forgo golf for even a short time with your limited season. And especially so since the season is just beginning again. I know that has to be frustrating. My sympathies and best wishes for a quick return Jim.

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  2. Jim, staying strong is definitely your character. We raised a glass to you and Teri yesterday at the wedding. You were both missed, however you were with us throughout the day. Kirk

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